Friday, January 6, 2012

Flairwalk and Nordstrom - Trina Turk and Corey Lynn Calter

Going a little off the roadmap today. I am a little bit obsessed with Trina Turk. It started when I found this adorable, bright, tropical looking mini by her at Filene's Basement. Years ago. Her clothes are super flattering on the body, always look unique and inherently her. Love the colors and patterns - almost pucci-esque but not quite so over the top. Anyway - I blather on. I have never heard of Flairwalk but I have been looking for a Trina Turk blouse and came upon their site. They had very fast shipping and really fair prices - what's not to like?

Trina Turk Zinna Dress (size M)

Excuse the bizarro 2nd pose - never sure what to do with my arms when posing from the side. The colors on this dress are adorable. LOVE them. The dress is SUPER thin but I actually think this is appropriate for where I would wear it - romping around on a beach vacation. Plus the thinness is not reflective of quality just a choice with the fabric. It is as thrown on and go as they come and yet I think the colors and material elevate it. Plus it was a steal.

Usually I size up in Corey Lynn Calter but this 4 was HUGE. If you look at the product picture it looks like this dress cinches in at the waist. Not so. It is a big bag. A big bag with beautiful colors and a lovely print but a big bag nonetheless.

This one is from Nordstrom. I have really been wanting a "secretary" blouse and I really like this one but it's pretty fancy for my use. I definitely liked the way the P fit better (2nd picture). There's a lot going on but I was drawn in by the lovely gold threads and the ethereal feather motif floating on the blouse. Not sure if this is the one but it would probably help if I put it on with a black pencil skirt or some high-waisted trousers.

Close-up of fabric. Why or why can't I let you go glittering gold anything? 

BTW - Nordstrom is so lovely with their customer service. They located the blouses for me and had them sent right away with free shipping. Gotta love that.


  1. I love that Zinnia Dress. Now I want one too.
    I've never heard of these labels. Thanks for broadening my fashion horizon.

  2. Thanks, Maryeb. Glad I can corrupt you! The dress is so cute. It makes me dream of beaches and margaritas.