Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Urban Outfitters Review - Elemental Fringe Necklace and Cooperative Cute Embellished Front Sweater

I have blogged about Urban Outfitters once before. And here I am blogging about them again and about the SAME sweater. I seriously cannot help myself when it comes to foxes. I LOVE them. Combine that with sequins and I am toast. Sigh. My size popped back online and to get free shipping I threw in this necklace, which for $12.99 is actually kind of fabulous!

UO Elemental Fringe Necklace for $12.99

For the price, I think this necklace is quite cute and interesting. It also doesn't feel like a flimsy piece of junk. I'm not saying it feels expensive either but I've looked at similar pieces at Anthropologie that have felt less well made. 

Size Medium

Size Small
To be honest, I would even consider a Large in this sweater. I think it looks cute slightly slouchy which I am beginning to get with the Medium but it is still pretty snug. Look at that fox face! Doesn't he just say, "Hey, look at me. I am way too young for you to wear but I will wear you down. Look in my eyes. You will buy me. And wear me. And love it. Resistance is futile."

There you have it. The fox wins - now I just have to decide if I need yet one size larger.


  1. I was wondering how the fox goes it and *whoomp* there he is! I would wear that w/baby to the zoo and throw a navy blazer over it and strut around like a model. If you love and feel good about it...someone will be asking where you got it. M looks fine. Don't wrinkle the fox.

  2. OMG - Gigi - I laughed out loud! Love the idea of wearing it with a navy blazer to "adultify" it.