Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anthro Review - Valparaiso Dress

Coming off vacation and back into work/school/routine is always a bit jarring (although in some ways relieving!) so I am a bit behind. Wanted to post this quick review of the Valparaiso Dress since it just went on sale for the very reasonable price of $80 this morning. The color is divine and on the whole I really like it. Unfortunately I have never seen it at my store and there is NO WAY I can pay $13.95 shipping. Drives me nuts. I guess I got spoiled...

Valparaiso Dress (size 0)  $79.95

The IRL color is not as bright as the first photo. It is a gorgeous shade of green. I instantly felt like Ginger Rogers in this dress - if only I could dance like her! It is super flowy and on the whole quite flattering. I sized down on this one because of the reviews but I might have preferred my normal size 2. The body fit perfectly with room to spare but the material across the bust pulls a bit. The way the dress works is that you pull if over your head and the there are two long strips of material hanging down from the front and around the back - you tie that at the waist. Thus, those strips, once tied, were a little snug at the bustline. If I needed another dress (which I certainly don't) I would consider this. Sort of wish it was silk but polyester and machine wash are very appealing for a mom!

Anyone else try this one?

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