Sunday, January 26, 2014

Madewell Review: Outbound Jackets and Marled Contrast Dress

I love the idea of a little simply, throw-on, military-inspired jacket for the spring/fall. Of course, right now, buried under about a foot of snow it's hard to imagine wearing anything less than a parka!

All-Weather Outbound Jacket (XS)
I got this for a steal during 40% off. It was on promo price - 40% no final sale for around $74. It is adorable. One problem - it is wee bit tight in the chest and the weather-proofing makes it very stiff. It will probably soften up over time but just thought I'd mention it. Also the green is quite dark and not necessarily the best shade on my skin tone. It's really cute and hits the mark on so many levels but may not be perfect for me.

 Marled Contrast Dress (size M)
I have been waiting for this to come back online for forever but to no avail. Lo and behold there were about 5 of them that magically appeared in my store the other day. The medium is 2 sizes above my normal size but I think I could take either a S or XS depending on how fitted I wanted it to be. The material is stretchy terry sweatshirt like material and is so super cozy and comfortable. I can see why this sold out so quickly.

 Outbound Jacket (XS)
This is the regular outbound jacket without the weather proofing and it is quite a bit softer. The color is also a lighter green than the other one. I still have a little bit of snugness in the chest area. The fit is very straight down the front so there isn't a lot of room for a chest.

 Outbound Jacket (S)
I sized up to a small to see what would happen. With the cinched waist it looks fine, but it definitely felt a little bit. The shoulders didn't fit quite right and that always bothers me with jackets. It is still super cute and spot on for this type of trend. Both jackets are back to full price right now but I have no doubt that they will soon by on promo price or sale for a while.

What do you think of the Outbound Jacket?


  1. I like all of those! The All-Weather XS looks like it fits you best.

  2. I like the outbound jacket in the darker green - it's like more cas version of the downtown field jacket from JC. Thanks for the review!

  3. Have you tried the JCREW version of this in the Boyfriend Fatigue item #19985? I'm curious how they compare.