Tuesday, January 7, 2014

J. Crew Review: Burton Paisley, Military Pocket and Tie-Silk

Has 40% ever lasted so long? Or been such a frequent visitor? I'm starting to get spoiled. Of course, there's not really that much that I'm loving at J Crew lately so I've been able to pick and choose wisely. I couldn't believe how stuffed the sale section was! Here are a few things I saw:

Liberty Popover in Burton Paisley (size 2)
Liberty on Liberty! I love the colors in this shirt and the mix of prints is adorable. Unfortunately this popover is not cute like others and it was way too tight across my bust. I liked the fit everywhere else - in fact it felt a bit slimmer than other popovers I've tried. If you have a more moderately sized chest you might be fine.

 Military Pocket Shirt (size 2)
My husband bought this for me! I almost returned it but sort of feel in love with it. The color is that perfect shade of military green that is so hard to find - not too green, not too brown. The fit is fairly close to the body considering the type of shirt. The material is REALLY thick which I thought made the shirt a bit masculine but also different. Quite adorable and I think would be femmed up easily with some jewelry, skinnies and booties.

 Pajama Pant in Navy Plaid Flannel (XXS)
I've been looking for pajama pants and these are basically cute. They didn't feel like they were of particularly high quality and the plaid is not my favorite plaid. This is a size smaller than I usually take and they fit perfectly but I like my pj's a little slouchy. I believe they would have come to around $17 on sale in store.

 Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt (size 00)
The color on this is exquisite. Love! This is a size smaller than my usual size and clearly it is very snug. It's a very flattering shape though - nice a-line, little split pleat in the front. There is no give to the fabric AT ALL so you should definitely try this one on. I almost never wear skirts in the winter so I passed but I liked it a lot. Not lined so felt a bit flimsy.

 Liberty Popover in Burton Paisley (size 4)
I liked the print on this one so much that I tried it again in a size up and it was still too tight across the bust. I think it's something about this particular style. Alas.

Now that the 40% is ending what is a girl supposed to do? Actually pay full price?


  1. I have been eyeing this Liberty popover, and almost pulled the trigger today, and now am glad that I did not. Chest fit is my biggest issue with JC button tops. Thanks for your great reviews and pics!! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Suzy - Happy New Year to you! It is so lovely, it is a shame the fit is off. At first I thought that maybe it just ran small or that the particular shirt I tried on was mis-sized. After I tried on another size, I knew it was something off with the style. Glad that you did not have to suffer final sale!

  2. That particular Liberty popover was a horrendous mess on me. I have wide shoulders but small bust and it just did not fit me. So disappointed - I wanted to love it because the paisley is so pretty.

    The print on that skirt is gorgeous. I'm with you re: no skirts in winter but I really, really like the cut and print on that one. Thanks for reviewing - you always try a lot of the things I want to get!