Saturday, January 25, 2014

Athleta Reviews: Jackets, Dresses and Sweater, oh my!

I am absolutely new to Athleta. I've balked at the idea of paying exorbitant amount of money for workout clothes until now. Then I realized that working out has become a larger part of my life and maybe it would be nice to upgrade a bit. I'm still not sure how I feel about paying $48 for workout pants (and that was on sale) since I usually don't even spend that much on work pants but I thought I'd give it a try.

 On the Move Moto Jacket (size XXS)

Moto jackets are clearly a big trend and this one is really flattering. It is pure polyester and feels almost "slick" but not quite. The XXS is quite snug but I think cuts a very flattering shape. I don't LOVE it when it's open but I think it looks fabulous zipped up. It is pretty cropped but I guess that's also the trend right now.

On the Move Moto Jacket (XS)
I didn't like this color very much but I think it probably fits better. A little more breathing room a little more length. I think it's super cute and not so "sporty" looking. Still not exactly sure where and under what weather circumstances I would wear it but I might be able to figure that out :)

Cashmere Wanderland Wrap (XXS)
The cashmere on this is lovely and soft and lofty feeling. The color is a beautiful heather green color. I couldn't figure out what to do with the "lapels". Fold them back? Let them go? Wrap it around me? A bit too shapeless for my needs right now but it feels like a luxurious robe that you can wear outside.

 Wander Wrap (size XXS) in Black
I don't know why but I am a super sucked for anything with little wrist warmers/thumb holes. The back has a slight swing shape to it which is pretty cute. I still don't like the loosely draped open front with no ability to close. On sale for $89.99 if I recall.

 Strata Dress (size XS) in Cherry Wood
Here's where sporty goes bad. I was drawn to the color but I'm not really sure what else compelled me to try this on. I don't think this can really pass as an actual dress - it really screams "I got this at the cool sports gear store". Not that there's anything wrong with that if you are super duper into fitness. I am not. It is not a lifestyle for me as much as it is a necessity for maintenance. The torso bit seemed long. Not sure what else to say about this one.

 Dorset Sweater Dress (XXS) in CherryWood Heather
This is more my style but I would need an XS. Woah on the booty. I love a generous cowlneck - so cozy in the winter months - and of course the little thumb holes again. Mmmm. Easy to thrown on and thus appear as if you have made a modicum of effort.

After trying on MANY workout capris which ones did I choose?

The IronStone Connect Capri in XXS (could have gone with either size on this one)

and the Connect Capri  in XS

Because I'm a little self-conscious about my booty, I purchase the Tame Me Tank from LuluLemon which serves almost as a little tunic. Very cute!

Who is your go-to retailer for workout clothes? Do you only buy workout apparel from them or do you also buy regular clothes?


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I've been trying to find shorts and sports bras recently and TJ Maxx and Marshalls are where I found the sports bras. REI for shorts. I've walked through Lululemon a few times and I don't like anything there for me. I've never been in an Athleta store but their things look nice in the catalog. They've been on my radar recently but I haven't tried anything from there yet.

  2. Athleta is my # 1 go to place for items that I will wear a lot for running, shorts, etc. They really do great getting washed many times and they have little details that set them apart from less expensive items. My Under Armour stuff has fallen apart time and again but I don't mind paying for the quality when it's there. I do also like the Champion line from Target for yoga clothes, bras, socks etc. They have also performed well, better than some other expensive lines.