Friday, January 3, 2014

Madewell Review: 40% off deals

I was really trying to get these up before the 40% off sale ended but alas... The deals in-store are so much better than online. For example, I got the Silk Director Shiftdress in Brushstroke Floral (review here) which is still full price online for $35 (40% + educator 15%)!!!! I'm glad I patiently waited for some basic sweaters that I wanted to be reduced but of course I have the luxury of living quite close to an actual store. Here are some other things I tried on:

Cableknit Sweater (size S)
This "aran" style sweater thing seems to be really big this winter. I love the idea but my chest definitely does not need the extra bulk. I sized up in this sweater because I'm wanting a little more room and slouchiness in my sweaters these days. As far as this style goes, I think it's very cute. The length is good and the pattern down the front is attractive.

 Madewell Metallic T Shirt Dress (size 2)
I would size down on this one. There is a weird lumpiness at the waist that I'm hoping would be better if I had grabbed a size 0. I love the gold but the material is a bit cheap and stiff. It would have made a great NYE dress. I don't have much to say since it clearly is not fitting well in this picture. If the material were softer I think it would lay better.

 Silk Dress in Night Orchid (size 2)
This is one of the newer arrivals and it is quite sweet. The skirt is laying oddly because the static electricity I was generating was insane. I like the little flutter sleeves, the notch neckline and the fullness of the skirt. It has the usual elastic waist in the back which I don't love so much. Good for when you need a little extra stretch but I'd prefer the waist to go all the way around. Overall cute and a bit retro feeling.

 Silk Bromley Blouse in Dark Plaid (size S)
At this time the static was out of control. I'm surprised you don't see lighting bolts emanating from my fingertips. I love this blouse - you must wear a cami of course but the deep colors are so beautiful. This is a small but I'm sure the XS would have been fine as well. Lots of extra length which is nice. Reminds me of the Sheer Plaid Blouse over at Banana Republic that I missed out on. Clearly this blackwatch style plaid is also popular this winter.

I had fun getting some of my wishlist goodies at rock bottom prices. Why oh why can't online prices even come close to the in-store ones? Madewell is definitely much worse about this than J Crew - especially at this time of year. The games are exhausting but I feel better when I've won :)

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