Thursday, January 30, 2014

J. Crew Review: Spring Arrivals

Okay. I have sad news to report. Spring is looking ugly. I've said it. I was so excited to see some of the new arrivals at my store (that sale stuff has been hanging around for way too long), but most of them were duds on me! Nothing that I thought - yes - I am in love with that print/style/fit. Maybe I'll warm up to it after a while but my biggest complaint was fit! Weirdly oversized and dumpy proportions. I do not go to the gym so I can wear clothes that actually add pounds. Harumph. Hopefully some of you will have better luck with these styles. And maybe the next rollout will be more tempting :)

 Jacquard Floral Sweatshirt (XS)
 I'm starting off with something that is pretty unobjectionable. It's very comfy and has a cute little shape to it, slightly cropped. The pattern does not call to me but if they did it in a different pattern I think I would like it. Maybe even something really funky like the antique floral?

 Merino Silk-Panel Sweater in Antique Floral (XS)
 This is another one that I liked on the whole. I'm having mixed emotions about the Antique Floral print - I can't tell if it's nice or too much my grandma's couch covering. What I do really like about this sweater is the fit (so maybe I lied about everything having a fit that is off). The wool is SOOOO lightweight and yummy on this one so it draped on the body beautifully. I'm a little confused about combining silk and wool. I don't know why but it feels weird to me.

 Linen C'est La Vie Tee (XS)
 Definitely size down on this one like the other linen tees. I'm not into the french messages but I guess they're big right now. Check out Madewell: Bien Fait, Bien Fait (again), and Bien Sur! I guess I could picture wearing this at the beach. I do like that they incorporated the Antique Floral in there. Pretty detail.

 Embroidered Bib Peasant Top (size 2)
 I knew this would be a hot mess but tried it on anyway. I was hoping the heaviness of the embroidery would make it lay nicely on the top of my body. From the side I look like I'm pregnant on the front and back! I'm not sure who could pull this off but I am certain that they would have to have a smaller chest.

 Here's a closeup of the embroidery. Quite dense.
Linen Baseball Tee in Lovebirds (XS)
 I love birds. I thought I would love this - but... these birds look a little pissed, no? They do not look like happy little love birds, au contraire! They look like they are grumpily awaiting some bonbons or not talking to each other after a fight.

 The shirt itself is fine and I like the color of the sleeves and the extra length.

 Silk Cat-Print Blouse (size 2)
 Here's where I started to get sad. The one thing I was really drawn to is the cat blouse because I do love a good cat. Here's another fit issue - look at the width on this thing! Plus, it's a little shirt and the rouded color makes it unsophisticated. Lastly the color is almost a periwinkle blue and does not feel very modern to me.

 Great, yes please, add some width to my frame. The cats themselves are cute...."We are Siamese if you please...". Anyone?

 Tiered Dress in Blurred Floral (size 2)

 It is concerning when one of my favorite items from this try-on session is a dress that felt more Hee-Haw than J Crew. "Oh yes, I would love some more sweet tea, thank you. And do-si-do, and-a promenade. Hope I don't drink too much Crewlade"
The fit is nice. I would say it might run ever so slightly small since I'm usually in between a 0/2 in dresses and this fit pretty spot on. I like the shape overall but the tiered effect on the skirt feels a bit too youthful.

 Silk Dress in Antique Floral (size 0)

 I like this print best in the dress although looking at the pictures I feel a bit Mrs. Roper from Three's Company. With my arms down, the dress looks like a cute basic shift dress. But, when I raise them you can see that there is a LOT of extra width. Maybe I got a mis-labeled one? The slit in the front is a nice counterbalance to the overall covered-up nature of this dress but it comes dangerously low.

 I think the "sunburst" effect of the material is really beautiful. The light blue looks like little shadows from the pleats (in fact I had to double check to make sure it really was another color).
 The problem again is the fit. I probably shouldn't have tucked my shirt in. This calls for a nice sweater with a tight ribbed bottom to throw on top. The pleats in the back did not lay well.

 Trellis Floral Skirt (size 0)
 I did definitely find this to be more a-line than the usual J Crew fare. It's very comfortable in my normal size and a nice thick material. I don't know why but I just felt frumpy in it. Somehow it looks like it should be a mini or a pencil or something. Maybe it's not enough a-line?

This is the best picture I got of it. You can see the flare at the bottom. Still not loving it but it might help if I put some better accessories with it (and lost socks).

Whew. That was a lot. On a side note, I have to recommend the shoes I was wearing that day.
I am not a heels girl at all - my feet start hurting very quickly. These cute little booties are the most comfortable things I own. I wore them from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night and they never gave me trouble. Plus the color is a divine, goes with everything green/gray. HIGHLY recommended.

Anything you have your eye on from the newest rollout?


  1. Thanks, rach, I finally found the cats! On the whole, though,I think there's something grannyish about the print. Agree about the dresses, and the printed skirt definitely needs to have a straight line or perhaps to be very very full - the Aline compromise just makes the print look awkward. And the dubious lovebirds make me sad. Looks like I too will wait this one out.

  2. I went yesterday to check out a few things and most looked nice but just didn't fit right like you mentioned. I mainly went for the French print popover. The print feels cutesy to me but I just can't help but love all of the stuff on it. I took that home with me along with the surf varsity jacket.
    I tried on that silk dress in antique floral and agree that it had too much width including the sleeve. It just was not the best looking dress which was disappointing because the print is pretty.

  3. Thanks for all the detailed reviews. Quite disappointing overall, but then that will save me $$.
    The booties are really cute. I noticed them when they first hit Madewell's website. Great to know they are comfy. Maybe they will come back in my size. It seems a lot of people agree with you, a lot of the sizes are sold out.
    Thanks again!

  4. Yeah I tried on so much stuff yesterday I didn't have enough room to put all of them in the fitting room at once lol! All the peasant tops were disappointing since they made me look very pregnant. And I had high hopes for sunburst skirt because it's a very ladylike yet playful pleat + substantial fabric...but definitely made me look really wide. And lol @ the comment about the not-talking birds!