Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Terry Moto Jacket and some unknowns...

Just a few quick ones...

???? (size 4)
Any time there's a bird on something I feel compelled to try it on. This is basically cute and very comfortable doe to the shape. I would probably prefer my normal size 2 but it doesn't matter quite as much with something as flowy as this.

 Dreamflight Blouse (size S)
This was on the sale rack and I was drawn to the birds (of course) and the lovely blue color. It is HUGE. That being said, it is really comfortable :) Perhaps an XS would be drapey without looking ridiculous? I like the wide neckline and longer hem in the back.

 Montage Knit Skirt by Mother (XS)
For some reason I can only find this skirt on the European website. It's so super cute and I appreciate the perfect length. It is a little clingy on my post holiday body right now but I have a feeling it would loosen up after you wear it. I'm not usually into what my husband likes to call "handmade" looking clothing like this, but I think this is adorable. And lots of room in the tummy panel for food babies.

 Terry Moto Jacket (size XS)
It took me forever to find the XS in this but I finally tracked one down. This jacket feels flimsy as all heck but my goodness it is adorable. I love the forest green color and the extra long sleeves too (I may be short but my arms are long!)

 Terry Moto Jacket (S)
I actually preferred this size - the length is better in my opinion - but the lovely SA's at my local store said the other one fit better. I don't know, I'm sort of regretting keeping the smaller one. I don't like things cropped to my waist even if that's how they're supposed to look.

What do you think? Did you find your regular size worked in this jacket?


  1. The Montage Knit skirt is the Chava Pencil skirt from the November 2013 catalog, they had it paired with a green blouse, I bought the skirt and love mine. Great reviews, thanks!