Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anthropologie Reviews: Recent Sale Finds

I felt absolutely lost on sale day with Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie off on vacation! I rarely rush out to buy anything the day it hits sale but I always enjoy seeing what's getting marked down and what people are excited about. I was itching to use my birthday discount and so headed into the store to place an order and see what I could find.

Cartonnier Stretchy Blazer with Pockets ? Emerson Blazer (size 4)

Thanks to Asta over at Effortless Anthropologie for identifying this as the Emerson Blazer. It was $39.95. I thought it might be the Dotside Blazer but I'm really not sure. It is heavy, and stretchy and slightly delicious. I like the longer length - good for layering over skinny pants on not so skinny days. The crazy lining is a bonus - I always like a little sneaky fun on the inside of a jacket. I'm not totally sure about the fit. When it's buttoned it is a teeny snug (this is one size up from my normal size) but when it's unbuttoned I think it looks pretty good. I just bought Madewell's Charade blazer this summer so I'm not sure I need another black blazer. But this is one is longer so maybe I do? :)

Winter Harvest Sweater (XS)
I'm usually not into the more "romantic" pieces at Anthro but I do like trying them on just in case I change my mind. The embroidery on this one is so lovely and the jacket itself is made of a fabulous lightweight boiled wool. I really loved it but... I do not love the fit. The side and back views are fine but the front just seemed.... off. The waist button is high and the jacket poofs out too much below so I thought it made me look thick. In the picture above it looks fine but IRL I kept on fiddling with it to try and get it to look better. Nonetheless, if the fit on you is good - this sweater is gorgeous!

Moonflower Sweater Jacket (XS)
The fit on this one was much better but I just don't get the sad droopy flower on the front. I think it looks like a tumor. Why didn't they put it on the back? Or even the lapel? I would at least want to trim the flower so the bottom lined up with the bottom of the sweater. Not for me.

Riley Camo Jacket (XS)
Tee hee. This is not good. I had read online that you might want to size up in this jacket but I did not find that to be the case. In my normal size it would probably look fine but I tend to like my sporty jackets with some nice lapels like Madewell's Outbound jackets (review forthcoming).

This is full price so I thought it would be easy to find on the website but that was not the case. I love me a good drapey tee but this is a bit too oversized for my taste. There is a layer of chiffon-ish material at the neckline and hem that is quite see through. I find this strange. I think I would still have to wear a cami underneath.

Cavatina Maxi Dress (XS)

I love a winter maxi dress - like wearing a nightgown outside except more fabulous. Love the neckline and the overall shape is very flattering. The material is THIN. Like might rip by looking at it thin. The fake leather cuffs are unnecessary but didn't bother me. The dress is also LLLLOOONNNGG. And expensive. If I know I have to get something altered I factor that into the price and this dress is already too expensive for what it is. Stil love. Sexy in an understated way. For a more casual option I have my eye on this Sweatshirt Maxi Dress which is available at both Nordstrom and Anthro.

Sequin Tee (XS)
These poor little tops have been hanging in the sale section forever. I felt sad for it and tried it on. I don't think it's a bad little top at all and would happily pair is with a cute little plain skirt for a NYE or other such occasion. The pants are on sale for maybe $29.95 and are by Cartonnier. I think they are basically cute but was slightly skeptical so passed.

Insieme Vegan Leather Dress (size S)
I am all for the idea of Vegan Leather but I am not loving the way it looks as a large panel down the front of an otherwise frumpy dress. There was no XS to try on. I do like the neutral color and overall softness of this but I think it looks a bit sloppy.

When my birthday order comes in I'll have some other little reviews including the AG Ballad Slim Boot which I am very excited about!


  1. I did get the Cavatina Dress. I am 5'6 and will only need a kitten heel to wear. There is just something about Bordeaux and their draping that works with my figure.

  2. Can I ask what jeans you're wearing in these photos? They look terrific and I would be curious to check them out. Thanks!

    1. Of course, thank you! These are probably my favorite pair of jeans ever. They are Madewell's Rail Straight jeans in Western Wash. They no longer make them but I'm sure they have a similar wash today. They are so soft and I love that they are straight not skinny.

    2. I love Madewell's rail straights! Take a look at the Oceanside wash, as a replacement for the Western. They have a bit of a stretch in them, which I like but maybe everyone doesn't.

    3. Thanks very much! One further question -- can you tell me the size? I've never bought anything from Madewell so am not sure what might work -- but from your pics and posts we seem to be the same size at JCrew/Anthro (and a similar build) so what works for you might work for me :)

    4. montydoesdeutschland, I'm not sure if OperaRach will see this so I'll give my two cents, even though I'm a much bigger size. The Madewell Rail Straights are pretty true to size and similar to J. Crew sizing. I'm wearing 30 in the rail straights right now and 30 in J. Crew Matchsticks right now. I'd be a 30 in J. Crew Toothpicks too.

      The older wash I have in the rail straights (Dusty Blue) tends to shrink in the wash and stretch out again with wear, but I'm finding the Oceanside wash to be more steady, with less (if any) shrinking and stretching back out.

    5. Thanks, Cate for answering! I wear a 26 in the rail straights at Madewell which would be my matchstick size at J Crew. Sometimes the 26 is really SNUG at first ( I also have found certain indiscrepancies in individual jean sizing) but they usually relax a bit (altohugh never bag out). I wear a 27 in toothpicks. The inseam is 32 inches and I am 5'4".

  3. Oh I loved the Riley Camo jacket! It's one of my favorites! I was on the fence with the camo trend but this jacket's print is subtle and there is a nice stretch in the jacket that makes it very comfortable to wear. I really like the looks of that sweatshirt dress you linked to at Nordstrom! I haven't stopped by Anthropologie in a long time. I'd like to try on that Cavatina dress, it looks really nice and like BlueBooby I like that brand in their shirts so I might like it in the dress too. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad to hear the Camo jacket is cute. I think I just need to try it in my actual size. I'm very tempted by the sweatshirt dress at Nordstrom but I just got a SUPER cute sweatshirt dress from Emerson Fry which I will review soon.

    2. do you have the riley camp jacket?

  4. where did you find this? what anthropologie location?