Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Madewell Review: Modern Slope Sweater, Baseball Sweater, Dotted Crewneck

Oh the weather outside is frightful.... Snow is coming down here and lots of it! So much so that school has been cancelled tomorrow and I could be happier. One of the many great things about being a teacher is being on the same schedule as your child. We are looking forward to some cocoa, sledding and general coziness.Yee haw. 4 1/2 is turning out to be the most delicious age ever and I am trying to soak up every bit of it. Snow days help...
I have some backlog of reviews that I was meaning to put up during the 40% off but I guess better late than never... here goes:

I generally don't love this style of sweater on my body since I am already a bit self-conscious about being top heavy. But, this sweater is quite lovely - the pattern doesn't add visual poundage at all and it is really cozy. The neck is a bit high for me but otherwise the fit is quite slim and comfortable.

 Colorblock Dotted Crewneck Sweater (XS)

I'm more of a stripes girl myself but tried this on anyway. If you're into polka dots and snuggly sweaters this one is for you. It is quite oversized as you can see from the pictures. A bit boxy for my liking but I love the wide neckline and the lovely colorblocking. Would be a great "day off" sort of sweater.

Baseball Sweater (XS)

I realize that this is not the most exciting sweater ever but I adore it. Yes the white is not quite opaque but the shape of the sweater is perfect. The length is nice and long and overall I think it is SUPER slimming. Love love love. I want to buy it with my gift card but will try to patiently wait or sale. Or another color. I have to justify the fact that a cami will have to be worn underneath.

New arrivals come next week and my S.A. said there will be lots of color! Thank goodness. I love black, grey and navy but it's time to lighten things up!

Did you purchase anything during the 40% off?


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