Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anthropologie Review: 25% off continues to tempt...

One of the few good things about my pregnancy clothes was a pair of corduroys my husband bought me. They were by Juicy Couture (which I confess I've never really worn) and they were fabulous. Just enough bootcut to balance the ol' belly, nice slim fit, perfect burgundy color. I was actually sad to not be able to wear them anymore. Ever since I've been dying to find a fabulous pair of burgundy colored cords. Not so easy. Everything is so thin and skin-tight these days and while I love a slim cut I don't know if I need to be showing the outline of my underwear at work.

Anthropologie definitely has some nice offerings and here are 2 I tried:

 Pilro Stet Ankle-Zip Cords (size 26)
I don't love the ankle zips - I don't mind them per se but they make me feel like I'm trying to be a bit too youthful. The color is perfect! LOVE the color. And the price is great - so why didn't I buy them? They are really tight and I was hoping for more of a straight leg instead of yet another tapered leg pant. They are super soft and they almost function as spanx but I'm not sure that is the look I'm going for.

 AG Stevie Cords in Wine (Size 27)
I got these for a steal last year in the dark green color. They are the softest, ever. Unfortunately I'm not as in love with this color. It says "wine" but I feel like it reads more brick red. I usually size up in these and I'm glad I did. The fit is nice and I appreciate a non-tapered leg but the color.... just isn't quite right. Hmm...

 Tropicalist Shift (XS)
To soothe my sadness over cords, I thought I'd go in a completely different direction - tropical flowers! I love the print on this dress - truly eye catching. I think it runs a little big. I could get a true sense of how it fit because of the static caused by the lining. I noticed it came in petite and I think the proportions would be better for me if I tried an XSP. It's a pretty simple little dress but really fun. Next time I'll bring Static Guard.

 Terrace Sheath (size 2)
Ok. I'm going to put it out there - I think this may be the ugliest dress I have ever tried on. It just looks so crazy. What is going on? A floral sheath with an elaborate fishnet on top? A weird sort of 1950's silhouette but with a 70's underlayer? The size 2 was definitely a bit snug on top and the length looked terrible on me. This was almost the low-point of this visit to Anthro.

 Gramercy Dress (size 4)
I feel like such a regal skater in this dress! Some of Anthropologie's designed have felt quite young these days - which is fabulous for those that are - but not so great for me. The waist is really high and the skirt quite flouncy. I didn't really understand the shoulder pad sleeves or the cheap feeling material. This is a size up from my normal size and it fit well.

 Galena Fringe Dress (size Medium)
Tee hee. I look like a hot mess here, like the last girl to leave the prom party or the walk of shame or something. I think the idea of the dress is interesting. The size medium is clearly too big but I think my normal size would be fine. The hips were sort of structured and jutted out a lot so I imagine this could be a problem in my regular size as well. I'm not usually into fringe but I could appreciate it on this dress. The taupe color is rather sophiticated.

 Sesvenna Maxi Dress (P2)
I love a good maxi dress but they usually look a little off on me. I think this one is really lovely and the petite size basically fit the same as the regular size but the length was perfect with no heels! The colors are gorgeous and I think I can almost get away with wearing a neutral colored regular bra with this. It will peek out a little bit but not too bad.

 Sesvenna Maxi Dress (size 2)
The regular size fit quite well too. I decided to go with the petite so I wouldn't have to hem it. I'm still not sure I NEED a dress liks this but I like the feel of it. Sort of tropical princess.

 Windfall Boiled Wool Jacket (size S)
I would need a size down in this but I loved it. The funky little buttons everywhere, the boiled wool, the slouchy feeling. Yum. Very tempting although I may have to wait for another cut on this one. Still a bit pricey considering the material is quite thin.

Tuxedo blazer?
I'm not sure what his is called. It's very cute and very sleek. I believe this was a size 4 and it was still pretty tight. The silk panels are interesting but I think I would prefer the blazer without them. It cuts a nice silhouette on the body but I have a lot of blazers and I don't wear them that often.

What have you indulged in during the 25% off sale?


  1. I actually bought the first pair of cords that you featured in this post. I fell in love with the color! I also bought one skirt and a few ornaments. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I also got the dark green AG Stevies last year and loved them and have since been wondering about acquiring another pair of slim-but-not-skinny cords. I ended up ordering a pair of Gap's straight cut navy cords yesterday, so I will be interested in seeing how those turn out -- although Anthro/J.Crew/Boden tend to be my brands of choice, for pants I've been going more and more with Gap.