Thursday, May 1, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Some new dresses and a few sweaters

Ok. Second pregnancies are weird. Mine seems to be so unpredictable. Last week I was feeling pretty good and okay with trying to still squeeze into my normal clothes and then all of a sudden *BOOM* my belly popped. But not just a little, like A LOT. Like, I think my doctor got the due date wrong, a lot. Yeesh. If I'm to be honest, the first time all the "popping" and growing was more exciting, a bit of, "What's going to happen next?" This time not so much. I know what's coming and I'm already dreading my boobs going up yet another size and packing away even more of my regular clothes.

I don't want to sound like a brat. I am so lucky that both pregnancies were easy to achieve and that we already have one beautiful healthy daughter. But, this time, it's harder to give up part of what I love - clothes and fashion! I'm doing my best to find maternity clothes that don't make me feel like I have given up but it is hard! The quality isn't there and I don't want to spend a ton of money because I know this is my last. Anyway, that's where I am this week. Trying to keep my chin up and remember that *hopefully* I will return to my pre-pregnancy size like I did last time and that all this is temporary. And at the end, I get another gorgeous little perfect girl. So, here are some attempts I made at making clothes fit :)

Longview V-Neck Sweater in Stripe (XS) ($24.99)

 With the 40% off (which I am assuming they are running in stores as well) this is basically free. I know it doesn't look like much on but I loved how casual and airy it felt. It's a nice little slubby lightweight linen sweater and I liked the slouchy fit. I even liked the drop shoulder and usually I do not like them (see Gigi's Gone Shopping for why they don't really work :) There is a similar sweater you can find online for $34.99 here.

Seaside Side-Zip Sweater (XS)
 Since this went on promo price, I knew I wouldn't to go in and try it again. I LOVED it the first time I tried it because it is this dense, delicious cotton know and I felt like it had a lovely shape and neckline. Now that I'm feeling a bit more 'zaftig', I'm not sure how I feel about it. I definitely prefer the red colorway which is on sale. It's a lot of boob and belly information for sure but if you are not pregnant, I think it would be quite cute :)

 Seaside Side-Zip Sweater (S)
 I sized up which helped the boob situation, a little bit, but I didn't like the way it flared a bit at the bottom. Hmmm...

 Morningside Shiftdress (XS)
 LOVE. So so so much. Of course that is partly because it felt GREAT to wear right now and of course I can see wearing this after too. My favorite part is the placement of the pockets.  Really cute and flattering (yay no hip bumps). Considering the XS still had plenty of room, I have a feeling there is potential to size down on this one. I adore the little shirttail hem and the neckline and sleeves really grew on me. Of course, I need another blue silky dress like I need a hole in the head. I think I have at least 4 from Madewell. Whoops. May have to add this one anyway.

 Linen Sandwave Dress (XS)
 Weirdly, I can only find this colorway on Shopbop. On the Madewell site, they only show the Indigo Linen Sandwave Dress which is the same style but different color. As for the actual dress, I just felt like a little girl. But not in a youthful way, in a confused, sad way. I like that is is super comfortable and you can hide anything going on underneath but besides that I'm not sure I would go there.

 Racerback Maxidress in Stripe (XS)
 The stripes are great and the style is great but it runs quite large! I was drowning in the XS and you can see that the armholes are super duper low. I think it's supposed to be sort of slouchy but I just felt half naked. Maybe a run through the dryer?

 Embroidered Kilim Maxidress (size 2)
 I couldn't wait to get this off. Granted, elastic waistbands aren't doing me any favors these days since I don't have a waist! The I couldn't get the top to lay nicely, felt like it should be a bit lower. The waist got all bunched up and the length is too much for 5'4" me. Not a love.

Anything you are hoping to score during the 40% off? I was really bummed that I woke up late this morning and missed out on the camera clutch. Hopefully they'll restock.

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