Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Madewell Review: Lots of sale and 2 new dresses

My beloved Madewell. I wish their online prices would come even slightly close to matching their in-store prices. Wouldn't that be nice? They were having an extra 40% off sale so I couldn't help but take a peek.

Back-Zip Sweatshirt (XS)
I've tried this on before and while it looks a little tight here it looked find pre-preg (original review here) I love this little sweatshirt. Nice material, a couple of cute details, check, done. Purchased for about $25.

 Ampersand Pullover (XS)
I liked this but didn't love it. Sometimes I feel a bit too old for the sweaters and sweatshirts with lots of droll sayings on them. This is a nice thick cotton knit but it didn't totally excite me. When I look at the pictures, I like it. I don't know what went wrong. I think the color could be challenging to pull off.

 Bien Fait Sweatshirt (XS)
I was so excited to see this in the sale section. The XS was TIGHT. I was looking for something more slouchy and cute but this was way too fitted.

 Bien Fait Sweatshirt (S)
The small looked better but I still didn't feel super excited. Maybe a medium? I just felt goofy with the letters across my chest instead of cool and Parision. Also not a big fan of all black on top for me. Washes me out.

 Sleeveless Tee Dress (XS)
This I love. It's not exactly a thrill ride but it is so soft and stretchy and easy and I could see putting it on every day. Teeny tiny ladies may be sized out because this is the XS and I felt like there was plenty of room even with my expanding chest and belly.

 Blanca Dress in Stripe (XS)
Don't know what to say about this one. It sort of confused me. Am I a sailor on the Good Ship Lollypop? It's sort of cute but didn't drape entirely correctly on my body. Thoughts?

Unknown Eyelet Shirt
The eyelet is beautiful.  Not loving the mandarin collar. Do love a crisp white shirt in the summer. I'll be passing on shirts right now since it will be a long time until I can wear my normal ones again.

Close up of the material. So pretty!

Sale items were at a pretty deep discount so I might have to take a swoop through again so see if I missed anything ;)
What are your sale picks at Madewell right now?


  1. Agreed -- the online sale prices are crazy high compared to in store. I've always wanted the Bien Fait sweatshirt. Do you remember how much it was marked down to? If it isn't another stormy day, I might walk over to Madewell at lunch and take a browse.

  2. Do you know if stores are still doing an extra 40% off? I called my local stores and they said no.

  3. Hi, in the Blanca dress did you feel like it was pretty roomy for an xs? They are having 30% off sale this weekend and this dress is on final sale. I don't live near any madewell stores to try it on before buying. I am about the same size you are. I just had a baby 3 months ago so slowly getting back to wearing normal clothes. I thought this dress would be nice and comfortable for my postpartum body this summer carrying around the little one. I am hesitating between the small and extra small and thought I would ask you first since we are pretty much the same size!