Monday, April 28, 2014

J. Crew Review: Some cove floral and sale

I've decided that the longer I can avoid maternity clothes they happier I will be. Of course, at 17 weeks this is becoming more and more difficult. I finally sorted through some of my old stuff and I was just horrified. The quality is so gross, the colors off and the fit even worse. Poo. Gap makes a few skinny pairs of pants that are workable so I did buy them but besides that I am not finding much. Thus my quest for items that can work now, later and after continues!! Here are a few workable items that I found (and a few definitely not!)

Linen Base ball Tee in Lovebirds (XS)
I don't know what it is about baseball tees, but I love them. I just find them endlessly flattering. In my normal size XS this shirt is a bit blousey. But, for right now it is perfect, especially since I will have to layer a cami under it anyway. For 415 it is a preggers no brainer.

 Linen Baseball Tee in Love birds (XXS)
This is probably the size I would actually need if I was not brewing a baby. So depending on how you want your shirt to fit, you may want to size down.

Metallic Trim Linen Scoopneck Tee (XS) in Heather Dusk
This was surprisingly adorable. The material drapes really nicely over the body, the scoop isn't too low and the beading detail is subtle but cute. I like this one a lot as a way to dress up a tee.

Sleeveless Drapey Top in Cove Floral (XS)
There is a lot of love out there for this little top. I liked it too for sure. It's easy, has a nice long (but not too long length) and a decent neckline. I did find the silk to be a bit stiff - so much so that I checked the label to make sure it wasn't polyester. I find the print interesting but I don't think it does much for me by my face. I'm more intrigued by the pants oddly enough.

Cove Floral Surf Dress (size 2)

Yes, the size 2 is quite *ahem* snug but I think it would be fine normally. It's made out of a funky, lightweight neoprene material which really threw me off. I get that it's a "surf dress" but I can't imagine wearing neoprene at my age. The silhouette is pretty flattering (although enough with the high necklines) but the neon zipper and material are too youthful.

 Scallop Crepe Dress (size 2) in Navy
This dress is so divine. Unfortunately there is no way to tell how it would fit without baby so I am not going to be buying it, but, oh my is it lovely. My breasts were completely popping out of the top but besides that.... gorge! The scallop neckline is a simple but elegant detail, nice deep vee, banded waist and cute "wrap" skirt portion. Just a simple, elegant lovely dress. Sigh.

 Silk Dress in Antique Floral (size 0)
I do not like this dress at all with the neck buttoned up. but.... piqued my interest with the neckline open. This is a size down from my normal dress size (although I do often fit in size 0 with these type of loose shift dresses) and I thought it was cute. I ended up buying it because it was inexpensive and a great right now pregnant dress that should be fine to wear after too. I paired it with some navy tights and booties and a long tan cardigan and some fun jewelry and I thought it was quite cute.

 Silk Dress in Antique Floral (size 2)
My normal size 2 was huge even on pregnant me so this was a pass.

 Linen Drapey Drawstring Pant in Flax (size 2?)
I'm always a bit wary of linen pants and drawstrings for that matter. The bum view is not so fabulous. They are comfortable but I can see them looking like garbage after about 30 minutes of wear. I was a little uncomfortable with the front portion which looked vaguely pleated although I guess it is really just the gathering.

I have some more coming and some Madewell reviews. As long as they keep on making shift dresses and flowy tops, I may be in business!

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  1. Bump it, baby! So cute. I like seeing these things on you, whether I'm pregnant or not. Not. So keep going as long as you like. I felt similarly about many of these items. Although I fantasize about the scuba dress. It's pretty cool.