Saturday, April 19, 2014

J. Crew Review: Puff-Sleeve Blazers and a Crystal Leaves Necklace

All of these confusing sales at J Crew have been pulling me in a bit. It's almost a surprise when I type in the promotion code what percentage I will get off. Is it 50% ? Is it 40% now? Wait, it's 25% off of full-price, right? Anyway, with many items available without the dreaded final sale I thought it might be a good time to try a few things.

Crystal Leaves Necklace 
 I've been looking for a "bling" necklace to spice up some pretty plain dresses I have and I liked the look of this one. It's really nice - has some weight to it and the typical J Crew clasp.

 Close-up of the jewels. I don't wear tons of jewelry so I can't tell if I'm going to feel self-conscious about the crazy sparkly nature of this piece or if I'm going to love it.

 I really like the necklace when it is worn on it's shortest chain. I think it looks beautiful against the skin.

Merino Tipped Side-Panel V-Neck Sweater (XXS) in Cloud White
Ok. I NEVER risk final sale anymore. Like never. But it must have been some crazy hormone cocktail rattling around my brain that made me bite on this one. As soon as I did it, I just prayed I would not regret it. And luckily, for $17 I figured it would be a lounging around the house on Saturday sweater. Well, much to my pleasant surprise... I actually like this sweater! I'm glad I sized down - it has just the right amount of drape "boyfriendy-ness" without looking sloppy or adding on pounds. If I lift my arms above my head, it is a little short and does ride up, but luckily I don't do that a lot. The merino is super lightweight and soft. Huge thumbs up!

 Puff-Sleeve Blazer in Pinstripe (size 4)

 I love a good blazer and I like this new shape. The puffiness I could sort of due without but the shape of the blazer is very nice. The schoolboy shape has never worked for me - I think it looks really awkward and shapeless, but this I like. The pinstripes may be a little formal but the overall looks is nice.  The puffs seems to be slightly less pronounced on this iteration of the blazer. I went a size up and I think this was the right choice (although it's hard to say since pregnancy is causing everything to be about a size up).

 Puff-Sleeve Blazer in Stretch Cotton (size 2) in Navy

I prefer the feel of the stretch cotton for some reason. It's thick with lots of stretch and very form fitting. The 2 buttons and gives a nice shape and would probably be fine but I'm glad I tried a four as well. If you are smaller-boned/chested I think you'd be find in your normal size.

 Puff Sleeve Blazer in Stretch Cotton (size 4) in Black
 Here's the 4. I don't see much of a difference in the pictures but it definitely felt a bit more forgiving. As I mentioned the material is stretchy but in a way that makes the blazer fit quite snugly. I prefer the navy color but that's because I am a total navy whore. Half my closet is navy. I can't help myself.

What do you think of these pieces?

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