Thursday, April 17, 2014

J. Crew Review: Photo Flora Dress, Cotton Pique lace Dress, Eyelet Shirtdress, Skinny Sweatpant and Sailor Tee

I went into J Crew the other day solely to find the Long-Sleeve Sailor Stripe Tee. I LOVE this tee. The weight is just right and the extra length is good for covering tummy right now. Luckily I found both the grey one and the navy/cream one and took both home for about $15 each. Yahoo! There were lots of new arrivals so I thought I'd give those a go to.

Photo Floral Dress (size 2)
It's a lot of look but overall I think it's a nice dress. Don't be fooled by how tight it looks, if I wasn't preggos it would be perfect in my sizez. The bodice is beautifully fitted and the waist really nips in. I don't normally love poufy, overly full skirts but I think this one worked. Very feminine. I want to go to a Garden Party.

Pockets! And they lay very flat. Huge plus.

Cotton Pique Lace Dress in Light Citron (size 2)
This is also a nice summer dress. I do wish J Crew would start doing slightly lower necklines. Nothing scandalous, just a little room to let the girls breathe, please? Again this looks tight but would fit fine normally. I do think this fits slightly more snug than the photo floral dress. The subtle pleating in the front is nice but I couldn't get it to lay as nicely as I wanted.

 Eyelet Shirtdress in white (size 2)
Oh how I love a good shirtdress - especially in white and eyelet! Yum! Usually these dresses run on the big side (at least that's my experience with some of their shift dresses this year) but this one ran pretty TTS if not slightly small.

The pockets on this one are not quite as perfectly placed. Still cute though. I like the contrasting eyelet patterns - it's a fun detail that works. If I thought there was any hope of fitting into this in the coming months I might be it but alas... :)

 Long-Sleeve Sailor-Stripe Tee (XS)
Oh this tee! Everyone should own this tee. I have a high hopes that it will not end up with holes all over it like every single other JCrew tee I own. Loveth. And at $15, what's not to like?

 Side-Stripe Skinny Sweatpant (XS)
I'm not a real sweatpants girl except when I'm lounging at home in the evening (I tend to pull my Mr. Rogers routine of changing into comfy clothes when I get home from work), so I would probably not spend more than $20 on these. I think they're fine. The butt shot sort of scares me but I'm hoping it's the angle. They are definitely skinny. Comfy enough but skinny. I think the grey ones would show too many lumps and bumps.

What do you think of J. Crew's new arrivals?


  1. Congratulations! Just read one of your other posts about your changing belly. You're looking great!

    1. Thanks, Gigi! 16 weeks and just starting to really feel the wollop of pregnancy. Baby #2 is sure trying to make my body pop a lot faster this time :)