Monday, May 26, 2014

J. Crew Factory Review: Printed Pencil Skirt, Pull-On Short, Stripe Tee Dress, Crinkle Tunic and Butterfly Petal Necklace

I don't think I've been inside a factory store in years. Once I figured out I could get retail items for as cheap if not cheaper than factory if I just waited for the right promotion I just dropped going to factory altogether. It is fun to see them bring back prints that I missed out on but I rarely feel like the quality is there and the stuff is still pretty expensive! Anyway, I had the luxury of a day off of work but a child in school the other day so I decided to check it out.

Factory Butterfly Petal Necklace 
You have to choose carefully with factory jewelry. Some of it has the weight of cheap plastic and looks about as nice. This piece felt most like a retail item - had some heft to it. It's quite attractive and I probably would have bought it except I just purchased the Crystal Leaves Necklace from retail which I love so I'm probably good with bling right now.

 Factory Printed Crinkle Tunic (XS)
I'm not sure about the "punk floral" print but thought I should give it a whirl. The fit is nice - skimming the body and lots of stretchy room because of the crinkle fabric. It's pretty long so I guess i would wear it over skinny jeans or maybe tuck it in with cute little shorts. The vee is a bit low but sort of passable for summer wear.

Sold Out Tank (S)
There was one of these lingering in the clearance section. Stripes and flowers - 2 of my favorite things - mysteriously combined into one somehow pleasing print. I liked it. The cotton felt sturdy enough and the length was fine. It's gapping at the sides because of my new cleavage but would fit better post-pregs.

 Factory Long-Sleeve Stripe Tee Dress in Navy (XS)
Easy breezy and cute, however... the material is so thin and crappy. I can see holes forming after about 1 wash. I was tempted by this because it fits now and would fit later and was relaly comfortable and basically flattering but even with 50% off I thought it was too expensive. I realize it's "summer" wear and you might not want a thick knit but this felt like tissue paper.

 Factory Pull-On Short (size 2)
I'm a little obsessed with this print. I own the silk dress from retail but unfortunately I will not be able to wear that this summer ;) I think these will be my little substitute. I did size up to a 2 but that's probably because of the birthing hips that have already made their appearance. I tried on the size 0 and it just felt tight on the bum. These are much shorter than I usually go and I think if you go short, you should definitely NOT go tight. Elastic waist shorts are usually a no no for me but I think these were adorable and could work now and later. Purchased.

 Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton (size 2)
I think this is my favorite punk floral item. the size 2 I could actually get on so I'm imagining you could stick with your normal size. The material is fine but feels a little cheap and of course there is no lining. I would buy this on super sale but not before. I do like the length which is absolutely perfect on 5'4" me.

I also liked the Factory Lightweight Long Printed Scarf in Blue Cove. Looked it woud go with just about everything and was a nice breezy cotton. I have A LOT of scarves so I've made myself promise to go through my current ones before purchasing any more.

Did you buy anything with the 50% off?

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  1. I bought a backordered white tee to wear with the eyelet midi skirt which arrives this week, but that's about it. I managed to catch the wool pocket skirt and the midi skirt on popback last Friday. I hope I like both of them. Funny thing about the punk floral print. I really love the print but I don't think it looks that great on me, and I luv prints. I have the retail scarf but that's all. I tried the retail cashmere sweater but I thought it was just okay for the cost. The thing I liked the most about that sweater was the flower on the back, which I thought was a cute touch, but I still returned it because I thought it was too much for me to spend. I have the tank with flowers. I think it's really pretty but I only noticed that design on a retail swimsuit. Since I don't need another swimsuit, I avoided it, but I love the tank. I bought it online for around $13 or so. Right now I'm debating the rollergirl sweater and dress. The dress looks great on you and Gigi, and it seems like a job well done in the dress department for J.Crew. I tend to think this is a rarity on their part because I'm often disappointed in their dresses. Since I'm almost 6 feet tall, length might be an issue for the rollergirl dress. Thanks for the reviews!