Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Madewell Review: Zipline Minidress, Skyward Skirt, Shirred Popover in Turkish Garden, Vignette Top and others

Ah, back again. I have not been trying on non-maternity clothes that much. At this point it is better just to give up and give in to the elastic waist! I am half way through my pregnancy and generally feeling pretty good but I am oh so tired. Thus I'll often walk into my favorite stores with the intention of trying on clothes and by the time I've picked a few things up I think to myself, "It's really going to be too much effort to get undressed right now". Sad but true.

I was really surprised by how many things I could still wear at Madewell which speaks to the fact that they are still going for the slouchy slightly oversized thing. I'm into that to a degree, but teensy tiny people might be sized out of some of this stuff.

V-Neck Slouch Tee (size S) in Heather Teal
I love this color. Even at 20 weeks I think I could have used the XS. It's a really long tee. I guess it would be good to wear with skinny pants. The vee comes pretty low so beware.

Cutoff Tee (size XS)
 I just don't get this one. It's an XS and it's pretty big and short. And see through. It's certainly soft and comfortable though.

Baseball Tee (size XS) in Heather Blackbird
 This is quite cute and fit well enough that I thought about purchasing it. I'm just starting to get tired of grey because I own a LOT of it. Comes in a white/ecru color combo too. I appreciated the longer length on this one.

Vignette Top (XS) in Pure White
This is not my usual style but I liked it. I think I pregnant liked it. Not sure how much longer it would last but I am seriously debating going back and getting it. Only bummer is that you can see through the little crochet panels - not as badly as you would think - but enough so that I think you'd have to wear a cami.

Shirred Popover in Turkish Garden (XS)
The little gold metallic threads running through this shirt initially drew me in. Otherwise I find the print a little ho-hum. Overall the fit is nice and I always like a slightly longer hem length in the back.

Skyward Skirt in Deep Navy (size XS)
Tee hee. This is just embarassing. I'm not even sure how I got this over the bump. Even though there is a drawstring waist it does not endlessly extend. I had a lot of trouble getting this over my rump/hips. Not sure how this would look if it actaully fit. Has a light airy feel.

Cropped Rivington Trousers in Camo (size 26 or 27)
The fit is odd on this. Really long crotch. I believe that's part of the look but since I couldn't get the waist to go up where it should have gone I just felt like I had man bits. I did like the color of the camo and the light cotton. These were on sale for $19.99 and at the time an additional 30% off.

 Linen Heathered Infield Tee (XS)
 Cute. Lightweight. Slouchy enough. Grey. Must not buy gret.

 Zipline Minidress in Pencil Stripe (XS)
 Super cute and comfy. Not sure I understand why you would need a zipper running down the full back of the dress. Feels a little dangerous to me. I would completely love this dress except for the darn pockets which add about 5 pounds to the hips. Bummer. Am having high hopes for the Sketchpoint Tee Dress  which looks like a similar idea but without hip lumps.

That's it for now. Thanks for hanging in with me. I realize I will not be able to squeeze into these clothes forever but it is (sometimes) fun trying.

Am predicting some sort of percentage off come Thursday for the Memorial Day, but who knows?


  1. Thanks so much for the reviews! Having recently been there (a year ago!), I can totally sympathize and think you're awesome for doing as much as you do already (you look FAB btw)! And it could be the late hour, but I couldn't stop giggling at the 'teehee-ing' and 'man-bits' imagery - thanks for the much needed laughs!

  2. I have the v-neck slouch tee in XS, fair warning: it shrinks 1-2 inches in length and about a half-size in sleeve width if you put it in the dryer on low like the instructions say. I still love mine, especially the handfeel, but I was surprised by the amount of shrinkage.