Saturday, May 24, 2014

Madewell Review: A few sale tees: NY and Beachday

My spidey sense had been telling me that an extra percent off was coming and it did! Finally made me bite the bullet on a few sale items I had my eye on but needed a little push to actually purchase. 30% off is not so shabby for Madewell. Although they recently did a 40%, I feel like they offer 20% off more often than anything (which, let's face it, is not a real incentive). Combined with free shipping, I think this is a good deal. Anyway, I ran into the store to see if there was anything else I wanted to get my hands on. Here are a few cute tees you may want to consider for summer.

Beachday Shift Tank (XS)
 The color is so beautiful and I love just imagining I'm actually AT a beach. The fit is cute and TTS. There is something slightly weird about wearing a picture on your body. Just sayin'. I always want to be into these type of prints but I think I like looking at them more than I like wearing them.

 Linen NY Stencil Muscle Tee (XS)
 I lived in NYC for 11 years so I felt like I had to try this on. It was baggy on me at 21 weeks so if you are small this will be pretty big on you too! The linen is fairly see-through but not terrible and the New York bar sort of covers your bra. I'm feeling a bit too old to do logo tees but I think this one is pretty cute for slouchy weekend wear.

 NYLA Art Deco Tee (XS)
 This t-shirt was far more substantial. A nice, soft, thicker cotton. It's really long which is great now but if I wasn't pregnant, I probably wouldn't like. Way more of a TTS fit. Overall cute with a hint of slight blah.

I really ran into the store to snatch their last Dover Messenger on sale. I had spied it the other day and was quite drawn to it. $99.99 -30% - 15% - gift card but it very affordable. When I get a moment I'll do a more in-depth review. The leather is very soft and it is big enough but not huge. Probably not great for a work bag but awesome for tooting around the city and keeping a purse off my arm.

Are you shopping Madewell's 30% off sale?

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