Monday, May 5, 2014

J. Crew Review: Merino Mesh Sleeve Sweater and a sale goodie

Just a few quick ones before the promo runs out!

Merino Mesh Sleeve Sweater in Brilliant Purple (XS)
Love this color and overall I think the sweater is pretty cute. It's a nice lightweight and I like the shape of the hem. I'm into the "baseball sweater" style. Flattering. I still think it will go lower than $59.99 (in store) so I'm going to wait this one out.

Elbow-Patch Sweater (XXS)
I don't know what it is about this sweater but I really like it. This is a size down from my usual (even in my current state) and I think it is the size I would want for sure. The little elbow patches are cute but they felt really cheap and the color contrasted too much with the dark navy. The shape, however, I love. Nice wide neckline, high-low hem, easy fit without being sloppy. I passed because the wool already looked all pilled and used looking so I figured this would not wear well over time.

Silk Shirtdress in Techicolor Floral (Size 2)
I know this is an oldie but they had one in my size in the sale room and I couldn't resist trying it on. I always liked this print but I didn't like the shirt version at all. The dress is so cute! The sleeves are the right length (the sleeves on the Pink Geo Shirtdress always felt too long and thus frumpy), the shirttail hem is a fun detail and the silk is nice and heavy. I took this home for about $30 and was thrilled.

Now that the crazy sales promo is ending, I wonder what will come next?


  1. You are correct about the elbow patch sweater. I really love it, but it does look rather worn. I have it in a few colors and on one of them I removed the elbow patches with a seam ripper, which worked well. I love that dress on you!!

    1. Thanks, Cate! The dress was such a great find. I'm going to try to squeeze into it for a few more weeks now and I know I'll love it after baby too. Great idea with the elbow patches - it's a shame they couldn't make them more luxe looking as I think the idea is really cute!