Tuesday, May 6, 2014

J Crew Review: Weekend Sweatshirt and Peasant Top in Flowerpatch

I meant to squeeze these in before the promo ended but I've been busier than usual. Being a teacher, I find this time of year SO hard. I am SOOOO close to the end but there are still 5 weeks of classes and performances and many many extra things to get through. I am trying to be good and maintain composure (and a good attitude) but sometimes it's hard. Today I readjusted my attitude with 4 chocolate chip cookies. Whoops. Oh well, you do what you can!

 Weekend Sweatshirt (XS) in Heather Midnight
 I don't know why I love this one but I do. I guess I just love a good sweatshirt. My usual size XS felt quite snug although pre-pregnancy I think it would be fine. It depends on what your going for. If you want a slim, fitted look go with your regular size but if you want a slightly more relaxed (certainly not oversized) fit, I would size up. I particulary like this colorway.

 Peasant Top in Flowerpatch (size 0)
I am usually not a peasant top girl - they don't work out so well for those who are well-endowed (in my opinion) but I was really drawn to ths beautiful colors in this one. The aqua/blue color is so gorgeous! Surprisingly I sort of liked it. Pre-preg size I would definitely get this size - so size down if you can. The size 0 fit but I don't think it will fit for much longer. I ordered a size 2 from online (not final sale yay) just to compare. I like that's lightweight, a cheery color and just sort of flows.

 A bit of a better picture. I don't know it's super duper flattering but I liked the feel of it. The way it grazes the body makes for a nice silhouette (although the side view is not quite as awesome).

I'm almost glad to see this promo go away - I keep on checking the site in the morning to see if there's anything else I may want to bite on while there's no final sale.

What did you get with the 30%/50% off?

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