Monday, May 26, 2014

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals: Gemstone, Feather Paisley and Metallic Wave (plus some sale)

I actually had more than 10 minutes and decided to really go for it with the new arrivals. I'm liking some of the new prints and colors and while I won't be purchasing much until after baby, it was fun to try some stuff on.
On a random side note, can we talk customer service? I've been getting some really awesome customer service lately, even at places like the Gap where I generally don't expect much. It makes me so happy. I find if I am generally pleasant, patient and kind that SA's are willing to be super helpful. I feel like this is a real turn around. For years I was bitching and moaning about the dismal decline of customer service at any retailer and now I suddenly feel like it's "en vogue" to try to be helpful. TJ Maxx even has their SA's greeting you and asking if you need help. Ah. Love it. Basking in it. Please continue. Behaving this way does actually make me want to shop at your store more.
Anyway, I digress, on to the new clothes!

Keeper Chambray Shirt in Dark Rinse (size 4) $59.99
I don't know what it is with me and denim/chambray tops. I never like them on me. I always feel like a factory worker or an 80's reject. This shirt if very cute, just not so much on me. I would say it fits true to size since this is one size up from my usual and it 'basically' fits. The denim is a bit stiff and thick which I didn't mind except for the way the collar looked. Love roll-tab sleeves.

 Embroidered Buttoned Top (size 4) $69.99

I knew this was going to be a disaster but I fantasized that it would work as a maternity top. If you have smaller bosoms, it would be more flattering. The pleating right below the embroidery just emphasizes the things I don't want to emphasize. The cotton is crisp and the embroidery is cute.

 Feather Paisley Top (XXS)
I was surprised that I liked this. I would say it runs a bit big as I am almost certain that this was an XXS and it totally fit. The blue color is qutie striking and I like the way it goes with the yellow (complementary colors, right?). There's nothing super fancy about it but it feels like a nice airy sort of beachy shirt.

 Knit Tunic Dress in Navy (S) $59.99
This is too big on me so I'd say go with your regular size or possibly size down if you want a sleeker look. The cotton is very thick and inside the neckline is lined with a little chambray. Besides that, it just sort of looks plain and frumpy. Ho-hum.

 Silk Stripe-Sleeve Dress (size 2) $129.99
I've never even seen this dress before. As with other shift dresses at the Crew, I'd say this runs a bit big. I usually wear a 2 in dresses because of my bust but almost always size down to a 0 in the shift dresses. The top half of this dress felt proportionately very strange. Oversized with droopy armholes and too long sleeves. J Crew sometimes has issues with sleeve length. I just don't find it flattering. Looks like a football jersey on top and a lady who lunches on the bottom.

 Gemstone Floral Silk Dress (size 2)
This print is super fun. Bright colors, pattern mixing, silk - all things J Crew does well (most of the time). This runs a little truer to size. I fit into the size 2 but there was not a ton of room to spare.

 Drawstring Pant in Cove Floral (size 0)
I'm a little bit obsessed with these pants. I've been wanting to try on the size 0 (my usual pant size) and here they are. They definitely felt tight but so do all my normal sized pants! The really pulled across my bum but my hips have definitely already expanded so I'm not sure if I would take my normal size or a size up. They are so darn cute and look great with a navy top. And my yellow ballet flats!

 Gemstone Floral Silk Tee (size 2)
A good way to do the gemstone pattern if you don't want to go full on dress. I always wish the necklines on these little silk tops were a bit lower. Or wider. Something. The sleeves felt a bit billowy on this and stuck out a bit. Might be improved with some steaming.

 Metallic Wave Jacquard Sweater (XS)
Short. Really super short. The wave pattern is interesting and the metallic threads are super fun but I'm not sure I love seeing a wave roll across my chest. TTS just super short and I don't think that's just because of my belly. Slightly scratchy because of the metallic thread.

 Embroidered Tassel Top in Arrow Print in Navy (size 2)
This top is not doing me any favors. So boxy. I just look like a big ol' tasseled box. Boo. So squarely cute. The embroidery is cute but that's about it. I can't imagine this being super flattering on anyone.

 Maxi Tank Dress in Stripe in Heather Blueberry (XS)
SO comfortable. Love the side slits. Material is mega soft. Decent bra coverage (although I would love to hike up the straps a bit). This is currently on promo for $88 - 25% off which I don't think is so bad. It feels good on the skin and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. Trying to be good and just enjoy trying on the clothes instead of guessing what's going to fit in a month or apres bebe.

Have you taken advantage of the 30%/40% off?


  1. Thanks for all the tryons. There is a lot to like in this post. I like the feather paisley top, cove floral pant and the gemstone print pieces. The wave sweater is on my list but I'm hoping it fits a little longer. Thanks for all the tryons. I know it is tough being pregnant and having to put your wardrobe on hold!

    1. Thank you! Yes sometimes a little tear comes to my eye when i look at my favorite wardrobe pieces but I'm hoping I will get to wear them again next year!

  2. Love you in your stripe maxi.....Looks really good! xx

    1. Thank you! It is so soft and comfy - a bonus.

  3. Hello! I am generally a size 2 on top and a size 6 on bottom. I have a 32B bust, 28in natural waist, and 40in hips. Do you think the gemstone dress would be too tight around my hips in a size 2? The reviews say it runs large.

    1. Hmm... it's hard for me to say exactly since I'm not my usual size - It definitely has some extra room but the fabric has NO give. Maybe a 4 to split the difference? It might be a dress that requires tailoring for you.

  4. I just wanted to thank you for doing such great reviews. I check your blog out regularly and love your Madewell reviews, especially since the Madewell closest to me is almost 3 hours away. After reading your reviews I bought the Outbound jacket in the regular and the weather proof. I love the jackets and even my husband thinks they look cute on me. And I wear an x-small too so even your comments on sizing help. Thanks!

    1. Yay! I am so thrilled that my reviews are helpful to you. I absolutely adore Madewell and it was a very happy day for me when they opened one a year ago about 10 minutes away! Thanks for writing :)