Monday, May 12, 2014

J Crew Review: A few sale reviews and Linen Abstract Flower Sweater

My motivation to try on "normal" clothes is sort of waning at this point. It's fruitless to think I can predict how stuff will fit after I have la bebe and yet I don't want to buy cheap maternity clothes that I know I will thrift after la bebe. The latest promos did have me try a few things because who can resist 40% off and no final sale??? Delicious. Perhaps this is a time I should develop that J Crew shoe addiction. Love 'em but yikes do they not work for my feet. Anyway, here are a few things I wanted to try out...
Weekend Sweatshirt (size S) in Heather Steel
I tried this on previously in an XS which was FITTED. This is still fitted but that is mostly because it is trying to squeeze over my ginormous bosoms and blossoming belly. It's a really cute, comfy little sweatshirt. I've decided I don't really need it in my life right now but it is quite flattering if you are in the market for something like this.

 Peasant Top in Flowerpatch (size 2)
I bought this in a size 0 in store for something like $15. I wanted to try on the size 2 to compare. I don't really see much difference. Both are pulling at the breastline a little bit but besides that they basically feel the same. I would definitely say size down on this one. I wore my size 0 today and even at almost 20 weeks pregnant it felt just fine. I think the blue color really brings out blue eyes!

 Lace-Sleeve Top (XS)
The infamous $12 top. I didn't think I would like it but it's adorable! And the fabric is nice and thick and it actually has shape. No boxy ponte mess. So here's my dilemma. I'm keeping the small (pictured below) to wear now but I'm wondering if I won't want the XS after everything deflates back to normal (that being said with the whole breastfeeding thing, normal probably won't return for another year and a half). For $12 it's tempting to keep both but I don't know.

 Lace-Sleeve Top (S)
The Small I can make work right now which is quite thrilling because it's cute and doesn't scream maternity yet has enough give to accommodate all my growing parts (for now).
Good length. Thumbs up from me.

 Geo Print Drawstring Pant (size 2)
I like the idea of these but I thought the fit was too baggy. This is a size up from normal size because I didn't want to frustrate myself by trying on a size 0. The material is really lightweight so it doesn't hang quite as nicely as I was hoping. I didn't like the extra material under the butt and at the back of the thigh. That always makes me feel sort of dumpy.

 Drawstring Pant in Cove Floral (size 2)
These on the other hand are a completely different store. Love them. The material has some weight and so hangs nicely on the body. Plus no saggy baggy under the butt. The leg is nice and slim and yet not at all restrictive. Too too cute and I even like them with the Lace top. This is a size up from normal and I'd like to try on the size 0 just for comparion. Again, hard to tell what's going to fit come next fall but I might have to try my best to predict for these.

The pleating is emphasized by ye ol' belly but I think if I was not pregnant they would lay pretty flat.

Overall, some decent stuff. What do you think of the Lace Sleeve Top and Cove Floral Pant?

 Linen Abstract Flower Sweater (XS)

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