Friday, June 13, 2014

J. Crew Factory: Factory Classic Button-Down in Printed Cotton Tangerine/Orange and in Plaid, Merino Long Cardigan and Stripe Shift Dress

I never even gave the "orange print" shirt a second look when it came out in retail but somehow, this time around, I've found that I'm a little obsessed. It's just so darn cheery! I was stalking it online (note: they update factory several times a day so keep checking) and finally got my size plus a few other little items I wanted to try. Not that it is summer and I am officially on vacation (Yay being a teacher!!!), a trip to the outlets does not seem out of the question. I prefer to wait for big markdowns at retail but sometimes you come across a factory item that is of decent quality and price. Anyway, here is what I found with my most recent order:

Factory Classic Button-Down in Plaid (size small) in Parisian Blue

 The colors are so beautiful! The fabric is 100% cotton but it has a more gauzy feel. Not airy gauzy like sort of rough gauzy... hard to describe but I didn't loooove it. It did love all the darts and overall effort to make the shirt fitted. It pulled slightly across my chest but so does everything these days! I imagine if I was my usual size that I would take my usual size XS. Really like the extra length. Super cute.

Factory Classic Button-Down in Printed Cotton (XS) in Tangerine
 The cotton on this shirt is divine. So soft and a nice weight. It even seems to have a little give to it although there is certainly no spandex. The fit is super cute. Clearly the XS is too tight now but would be perfect and fitted come post-baby, post-breast-feeding. From far away I'm afraid it might look like I'm wearing a big orange polka-dotted shirt but maybe not... just a thought. Oh - the link is to a different printed cotton shirt. You have to search for this one in the clearance section.

 Factory Classic Button-Down in Printed Cotton (S) in Tangerine
 The small fits pretty darn well considering. I'm trying to decide which one I might keep and it's hard. When I am TOTALLY back to normal, the XS will definitely fit the best. But, chances are, I will breast fed for a year which means my chest will need the extra room for a year. If I have to wait a year to wear the XS it may never make it out of my closet. Decisions, decisions.

 Factory Stripe Shift Dress (XS)
 Cute. Again, I am impressed with how soft and comfortable the cotton is. The retail version of this dress was made out of that maritime material which is super thick. It's basically a cute dress but, wait a minute, I don't think I've ever said this, too short! I love short but I think my belly is making things hike up a bit so I feel a little too sexy mama in this. I also think it's overpriced for what it is.

Factory Merino Long Cardigan (S)
 I have been dying to find a long cardigan that is not too long in navy blue. The merino on this feel very soft and comfortable. Even being pregnant, I find the S a bit on the big side so I may patiently stalk the XS. LOVE the length. The long cardigans at retail this year were way too long for my taste. This one is perfect. Quality feel pretty darn good.

Factory Lightweight Long Printed Scarf (in blue cove)
You have to search for this one in the clearance section. It's currently $16.99. I don't know why but I just love the little cheery colors against a light blue background. I'm a scarf addict so have to think hard about this one. At least I know it will always fit!

Any factory offerings that you are liking these days?


  1. The merino long cardigan is great, such a good quality. I also like the 'no pockets' as it makes it look sleeker. I did size up in this as I prefer to wash it instead of having it drycleaned. Usually it shrinks just a little, maybe a size if not less.
    How wonderful to look forward to having your baby, when are you due? Mine are teens now but I enjoyed it immensely when they were babies. It is tough, combining it with your job though I always worked. And I found the breastfeeding a joy too, did that till they were almost a year, though by then they are also eating other food, so it is more of a 'snack', very cozy. I know for some women it doesn't work out that way, but I found it easy and a great way to bond with your child.

  2. I absolutely agree about the cardigan and was quite surprised! Good to know that it shrinks up a little bit. It certainly is not huge but I do prefer my cardigans to be quite fitted. Thanks for sharing your stories! My baby is due Oct. 3rd - my 2nd little girl so I am definitely more relaxed this time. I enjoyed the breast feeding but did not enjoy the ginormous breasts that I had to endure so we'll see how long I last this time :)