Friday, June 20, 2014

J. Crew Review: Puff-Sleeve Blazer, Jacquard Back-Zip Sweatshirt, Crab Sweater, Tank in Fruit Salad and Linen High-Low Sweater

I only have a few items that I'm really stalking during all the recent sale promos, and really I'm just waiting for them to go down to an insanely low price point. We'll see if I have success with that ;) I keep on perusing my local store's sale section and not only is it all the same stuff, it's still not marked down. Sweaters have been lingering for months and many of them are still $59.99! If they would just do some 2nd cuts, I would be tempted. Anyway, I do think patience will pay off for most of the items I want (I did bite on the Cove Floral Pants and Sparkle Cardigan but I'm hoping they'll get reduced further). Here are a few new arrivals and a few sale items I tried on:

Puff-Sleeve Blazer in Seersucker (size 4)
I was amazing I could get this buttoned. It's cute and the material is substantial and if I recall correctly, lined. I sized up in this blazer with the regular colors and I did the same with this one. While I might fit into my regular size 2 I don't think it would be as comfortable. The material is very stretchy and has quite a tailored, waist-hugging fit. The puffs are definitely too much for me but besides that I think it is adorable.

 Jacquard Back-Zip Sweatshirt (XS) in Heather Grey Salt
I apologize for the first photo - that is a lot of information about my body. This definitely runs on the fitted side so if you're looking for a bit of slouch, size up. the material is SOOOO soft and I like the little notches at the side and on the arms. Would prefer the neckline to be a little wider and that the zipper not go all the way down. It was so cold against my skin!

 Linen embroidered Crab Sweater (XS)
I grew up in Maryland and spent my summers on the Eastern Shore. I have fond memories of spending the day crabbing and actually catching enough of the little suckers for dinner (something, sadly, I wouldn't be able to do anymore). So, maybe that's why the crab isn't very appealing to me. I just think it's a bit funny to be wearing a crab on your chest. The fit is quite boxy and loose typical to their other linen summer sweaters so I would probably size down.

 Linen Swing Tank in Fruit Salad Print (XS)
Usually I won't touch anything with the word "swing" in the description, but this is very cute. The colors are lovely and slightly muted. I would say true to size since it's supposed to be loose. Double plus for armholes that fit.

 Linen High-low Hem Sweater in Garment Dye (XXS) in Light Pond
Usually I size down in J Crew Linen Summer Sweaters but not so with this one. I really liked the shape and the high-ow hem (which is hard to see because it is so tight). The color, which is completely faded in this pic, is really lovely. A perfect ice blue for summer. I would get my normal size XS in this.

Overall some cute summer items. Since I'll be wearing maternity clothes, I'll probably pass on most of them but I'm still enjoying checking them out.

What are your favorite new arrivals?

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