Sunday, June 22, 2014

J. Crew Factory Reviews: Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt, Anchor Sweatshirt, Cropped Zipper Jacket and Banana Collector Tee

I had a few returns to make and quickly threw on a few items. The whole store was 50% off and I still feel like the prices should be less for the quality on the most part. Maybe I'm just getting cheap in my old age ;)

Factory Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt in Navy (XS)
 This was on clearance at something crazy like $29.99 and extra 60% off. It's totally cute and comfortable but I wish the neck was a little wider. Nothing less flattering than a high neck and a large chest. I was tempted but couldn't really tell whether the S or XS would fit post-preg so I passed.

 Factory Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt in Navy (S)
 Here it is in a small which was way more comfortable. Again, it's basically cute but nothing to get super excited about.

 Factory Anchor Sweatshirt (S)
 This is adorable. I almost bought it. Even though I'm pregnant, I still think I might size up to a small because I like it a little relaxed looking. It's very soft and not too thick (so actually appropriate as an extra summer layer) and the neckline is perfect!!! Love the wide open neckline. Yes please.

Factory Cropped Zipper Jacket (size 4)
 A little stiff but overall pretty nice. I could actually (barely) get the size 4 zippered so I imagine you could stick with your normal size on this one. It felt too much like a look for me and a little too reminiscent of a leather biker jacket I owned in the late 80's but overall it's a nice piece.

 Factory Banana Collector Tee (S)
 Nice soft cotton (as opposed to the linen of the original) and I really liked the fit. I preferred the extra small as there was less bra peeking out.

 Factory Banana Collector Tee (XS)
 Very cute. There is just something about this bananas that feel inappropriate to me. Felt that way about the retail still feel that way. I want to love it but I really wish the banana were flowers. That would totally fix the problem for me.

 Just one more shot of the Short-Sleeved Sweatshirt as layering piece. This is probably how I would wear it (although not with this shirt). Something feels slightly off about it but that could just be the way I'm filling it out right now :)

Stopped by the store today and they were indeed running the 50% off. There were so many amazing deals to be had but sadly I passed on most since I hate trying to guess what size I will be in 4 months.

Have you grabbed some great deals lately?

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  1. I like that anchor tee on you. Looks great with the belly!