Tuesday, June 24, 2014

J. Crew Review: Sparkle Cardigan and Mark Alary Songbirds Bracelet

Just a few quickies...

Sparkle Cardigan (XS)
I had to stalk this forever in the XS. I still wish it was a little less than $40 as I can see it snagging on stuff. It's really lightweight and the material is not exactly soft but I do love it. Perfect length and the sparkle is just lovely. It also has a lot of give which is great for right now. I can even wear it buttoned!

 Marc Alary for J. Crew Songbirds Bracelet 

I am a little bit bird obsessed so I knew I needed to try this bracelet. It's very cute. You have to wrap it around twice and then fasten the hook on the chain. I have wrists the size of a small child so I put it as tight as possible and it felt pretty good. The "leather cord" does not really feel like leather but more like cheap fabric (I guess it's suede) so I'd be a little nervous about this bracelet standing the test of time. Once you wrap the bracelet around you sort of have to adjust the birds so they are spaced out a bit more evenly (see next to last pic). Again, it's cute but even the clasp felt flimsy so I just couldn't shell out the $78 for it. If it went on sale, I would definitely snap it up.

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