Monday, June 16, 2014

J. Crew Review: Maxi Tank Dress in Stripe

Yes, I have totally reviewed this dress before... but it just keeps sticking in my mind. It is so soft and stretchy and darn comfortable and I love the shade of blue. I remember trying on the XS and feeling like the armholes were too low so I thought I'd go back and try again. It wasn't marked down in my local store but is on promo for $88 online. I think this is an okay price for a maxi (with the additional percent off) but I'm trying to only pay rock bottom for things right now in case a) they only fit for about a week or b) they don't fit post baby. Anyway, here's my size comparison.

Maxi Tank Dress in Stripe (XS) in Heather Blueberry
If it was just my belly that had grown, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I think what really bothers me is the way the stripes sort of s-t-r-e-t-c-h across my chest. Anyway - you've seen this before - nice fit, not too tight. The straps are slightly long so you do get a bit of bra going on underneath the arms although not as bad as I remember it. I really like the side slit to give it a bit of movement.

Maxi Tank Dress in Stripe (XXS) in Heather Blueberry
Here's the XXS. It's so hard to tell what would fit better post-preg. I like the armholes much better on this one but I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing this right now. It's quite slim fitting and I think this is supposed to be a bit more easy breezy.

The back is racer style which I like the look of but is not great for, oh, every single bra I own (It really is frustrating that they do not make racer back styles for the more generously endowed).

I don't think this dress is flying off the shelves so you might be able to wait for a better promo. So soft and comfy and I like the light shade of blue so the stripes aren't so harsh.

What do you think of this maxi?

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