Saturday, June 21, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Penfield Hazelton Jacket, Baseball Season Sweater and Western Jean Shirt

Just a few quick sale finds from my Madewell trip the other day. They are producing lots of slouchy silhouettes right now that sort of still work during pregnancy but I'm trying just to look not buy :) I have a feeling that July will bring some super markdowns so I might just try to wait and treat myself to a few things then. BTW, I was surprised to find the Racerback Maxidress in Stripe in the sale section for only $49.99. With an extra percent off this would be a real steal and a great throw on and look summery and fresh item. See my review here.

Penfield Hazelton Jacket (XS) $99.99 in store

People seem to be really disturbed by the large flaps at the end of the hood (according to the online reviews) and while I found them odd, I didn't think they were terrible. This jacket is SUPER lightweight - nothing heavy or particularly warm. I like the pocket on the arm and the drawstring waist. In general, Penfield products seem to be pretty high quality. Cute little jacket for the summer.

Baseball Season Sweater (XS)
I love baseball style tees and sweater. I really appreciated that the center section of this was blue so that it wasn't completely transparent. It's made of a thick, but loosely woven lineny/cottony material. Good transitional piece into fall or for a chillier summer night. The fit is true to size but relaxed and overall I thought it was super cute!

Western Jean Shirt in Pond Wash (XS)
This was marked down to $29.99 in store and was so tempting but it was TIGHT. I think it would fit after things go back to normal but I'm not actually sure. Thus TTS to slightly small. I love the wash - just faded enough to be cool but not too bleached out. Plus, I love snaps. Material is super soft. Overall adorable.

Just a few tempting sale finds at Madewell. What have you liked lately?

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  1. Hi! Great finds! I think we'd have a lot of fun shopping together :) I'm looking at that coat for a trip to Europe this October. You said it is a nice summer jacket... is it lined? Do you think it would be warm enough for 50 degrees (F) with a sweater or sweatshirt under it?