Friday, June 7, 2013

J. Crew Review: Some new summer arrivals... silk dress and linen moto mini

I had some returns to make and thought I would try on a few new arrivals I had eyed in the catalog. I have to say, besides the liberty prints this spring, I'm not loving the patterns at J Crew. It's probably good for me to take a little break anyway and focus on basics like nice work pants and a few holeless t-shirts anyway. With school about to end, I have to face facts that I will mostly be wearing casual shorts and tanks anyway. I will miss my little work wardrobe this summer :) 

 Stripe Silk Tunic Dress (size 2)
 I'm always one who loves a little easy shift dress. The colors on this are quite lovely. I might have been able to size down to a size 0 but I didn't bother trying. The slit down the front is quite revealing and the poof sleeves are a little too poof for me.  The silk feels nice and drapes nicely but the shape is not right for me.

 Jeweled Collar Short-Sleeve Shirt (size 2) in Navy
Cafe Capri in Seersucker (size 0)

 I've seen people out in about in one or the other of these little jewel-collared numbers and I think they look so cute! I think the sleeveless version of this is better. The short is boring except for the jewels and feels a bit funny with the juxtaposition of a manswear shape and jeweled collar.
The pants I've tried on before and are lovely. See my full review here.

 4" Chino Short (size 0) in Neon Pink and Navy
 I always head straight to the 5 inchers but thought I would give the 4 inch a whirl. Not much difference and in fact I may prefer this length but am not sure. I always feel like it is best to head towards the modest on shorts lengths. The neon pink ones were something crazy like $19.99 + 25% off but I just can't do neon. I feel uncomfortable despite loving the color.

 5" Chino Short (size 0) in white
 These are the 5 inchers in white. I like this length too and it is definitely slightly more modest. Not sure how I feel about white. Is it cute and cool or too "I'm going to the club later for a wine spritzer"? TBD.

 Moto Mini in Linen (size 2)
This was something that intrigued me in the new rollout. There was no size 0 so I can't really review it the way I would like to. The linen is nice and the little funky details add some pizazz. It is a bit short (of course). I liked it overall but would really need to try on my regular size.

 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Polka Dot Jacquard (size 0) in Navy Ivory
As for the war between stripes and polka dots, I definitely prefer stripes. This is standard fare as far as pencil skirts go. Felt slightly big in the waist which seems to be par for the course this season at J Crew.

The fabric has some texture to it which appeal to some. Gives the skirt a bit of thickness and makes it seem a little more luxe in my opinion.

What do you think of the latest offerings?

What do you choose for shorts - 4 inch or 5 inch? I can't decide!


  1. I ordered the 5" chino short in white and they are going back. As you said, they are a little too 'country club', not really my thing. Plus, I didn't like how the pockets showed through. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I sometimes like white shorts & sometimes I don't. Obviously they go w/everything and that's very attractive. I like the dot pencil skirt. I also thought the dress is nice, even w/the little puff at the shoulders. Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. Hi, I was just wondering what your measurements are? I was thinking of getting the 4" Chino short in a 00 or a 0 so any indication would help :)

  5. Hi I was just wondering what the coloring of the skirt was? Is it black or navy?