Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: Dresses!

Now that we're finally getting to some warmer weather, all I can think about it dresses. Gotta love the throw on and go simplicity of a dress. And so comfortable and cool. Mmm... makes me want to pack a picnic and sip some lemonade under a tree. Unfortunately, every time I go to Anthro I do not look at the easy, breezy summertime frocks. No, I am drawn to the gorgeous evening out at a nice restaurant dresses. The ones I love and make me feel gorgeous but will probably only get worn once or twice a season. Hmmm, what to do? :)

Lasercut Fleur-de-Lys Sheath (size 0)

 This was clearly a return from the recent free shipping promo. It is a REALLY interesting dress. Not quite what I expected. The size 0 fit perfectly up top (which is a size smaller than my usual top size) and the bottom fit fine although I did feel like it looked snug. The colors are delightful, sort of an antique lace feeling. The skirt has a sort of stretch material all down the side which I would prefer not be there. Just give me a nicely fitted pencil skirt with some stretch on the bottom please. This is a perfect example of a dress I don't need but love the uniqueness of the design.

 Tisa Swing Dress (size 2)
 This is a surprise. Normally "swing" style and big boobs are not exactly a match made in heaven. I love this dress however. It could be dressed up but I think it could just as easily be a tooting around town dress if paired with simple sandals. It does run slightly big - I would prefer a size 0 or possibly even a 0P. The top is beautifully fitted which helps the swing shape not swing so much. The side view is slightly preggo looking but I love that I can actually eat a big meal and then not have to worry about how my fully belly looks. This is definitely on my list - just wish it wasn't $128.

 RosebloomBurnout Dress (size 2)
 My daughter picked this out for me to try on. The print is a bit loud for my taste but the colors are absolutely lovely. The fit is great - the size 2 fit a bit snugly at the waist but this made for a figure-flattering shape.

Sunglow Stripes Dress (size 4)

I automatically grabbed a size up from my normal since this was Tracy Reese and I find her to run quite small. The colors are fun and lively without being too "in your face". The shape is sweet. I did not like that the underslip had sort of a bra like seaming to it that showed through. That is what I am trying to show in picture #2.

Twisted Vines Sheath by Byron Lars (size 2?)
 Byron Lars, you intriguing man you. This sort of dress is right up my alley. I love the interesting neckline and the simple shape. If this was a size 2 then this dress runs big. The skirt was definitely not fitted enough for my liking. The neckline is tough - it would take some fiddling around to get it to lay just right. I would put in another belt as well. I love the colors and the length will be attractive to taller ladies.

Ah summer dresses. I dream on. What dresses did you have to have this season?


  1. hey, your store has gotten some nice pieces! mine is the suck this season- none of the really cool statement dresses...

    I love the pattern of the lace in the Lars dress- it would be great if the skirt wasn't quite so fitted! I confess to being a bit disappointed in the Tracy Reese dress- those sunglow stripes don't look quite as spectacular as I'd hoped (for the price, and that thing ain't ever going on sale!)

    I just got the Leifsdottir Bruna dress in the mail from my anthro enabler in the states and it's....phenomenal! The most beautiful dress...ever! But definitely not for sitting in the grass eating picnics. I want the poppy stripe dress for that!

  2. I am expecting two dresses from Anthro today...fingers crossed. No store here yet so again I appreciate all the reviews.