Friday, June 14, 2013

J. Crew Review: Extra 30% lures me back...

I've already referenced this over on JCrewAficionada, but, I went in with the sole purpose to buy the Cashmere Collection Tippi in Candy Stripe. I have been coveting this sweater like nobody's business but also have no business spending almost $250 on something in colors that will probably out in a year's time. I was so happy to see the sweaters neatly laid out on a table when I noticed something. The snow multi color (which is lovely) was $89.99 but the color I wanted was $169.99. What? Are you even kidding? I even had the SA check for me. Disappointment. As long as I was there, I had to try on a few things.

Cotton Faille Pull-On Short (size 0) in Spring Green
 I can't decide if these are a great idea or an absolute shorts abomination. The back view is certainly no pleasure. They are very comfy but besides the fact that they look like my old gym shorts, the really aren't doing much for my body shape. Oddly they are almost sold out online. This makes me feel old and confused about fashion.

 Cafe Trouser in Cotton (size 0) in Desert
I just bought a pair of Cafe Capris and actually sized down to a 00. With these I would definitely NOT want to do that. They were fairly snug on my bottom. The lines are really nice but the inseam was so short! Online it states that the inseam is 33" but I think these were definitely 30". Besides that, nice casual work pants. Nothing to groundbreaking. 

 Retail Only? Blue Caftan - Style #: 81091
 This must be retail only because I refused to believe it is sold out and I cannot find it online. I might wear this if I was vacationing somewhere tropical but I can't see incorporating it into my daily life. It's extremely lightweight but pretty boxy. Not much to say about this one.

 Collection Featherweight Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Candy Stripe (S and XS respectively)
 The hills are alive... with the sound of ... neon cashmere. When I saw this sweater, my little heart went pitter patter. I have loved this one since it came out months ago. I'm still hoping it will stick around long enough to get marked down to $89.99 and a percentage off but we'll see. I guess that's the sale game!

 I'm not sure if I like the slightly slouchy look of the S better than the fitted version of the XS. They both fit nicely and have plenty of length. I don't want it to look sloppy but sometimes I like a little extra room up top.

 Painter Tee in Colorblock (XS) in Vintage Champagne Papaya
 This is simply adorable. XS is too tight for my taste, I would definitely size up to a small. I'm not sure how one can get excited about a tee but as my SA said, "Sometimes JCrew just does something so right." It's a nice weight cotton (think fall more than summer).

 Origami Bow Dress in Stretch Wool (size 2) in Seaside Coral
 I do believe I need a size down in this one. It's such a cute idea but the fit on me is so off. There was all this strange gathering around my chest and the skirt was pretty huge. The bows look a little sad to me. I think if you're gonna go bow, you gotta go all the way - perky bows!

What are you stalking this round of 30%? What size do you like better in the cashmere tippi?

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  1. My cafe capris in the desert colour have gotten a lot of wear already! It's a great neutral colour!