Monday, June 10, 2013

J. Crew Review: Pants and Sweaters

Crisscross Tee (XS)
 I can't find this one online right now which probably means it's on sale. Thanks to JustVisiting for pointing out that this is the Crisscross tee. It's very cute. I like the fit of a lot of these printed tees at J Crew this spring - just the right amount of shape without being clingy. The colors are beautiful.

Toothpick Jean in Geometric Print (size 27)

 I tried on this as sort of a joke to myself and then I really liked them. I saw an older woman wearing them at a museum the other day and I thought she looked so hip and yet classy and dignified. Who knew? I think they will go on further markdown so I will probably wait until I can get them for a song. I think they could be so versatile in one's wardrobe - especially since they are navy not black!

 Cafe Capri (size 00) in Rich Peacock
I'm always sort of on the fence about the cafe capri but I am in desperate need of work pants that actually fit so I got these. This is one size down from my normal and I think it was the right call. After wearing them a bit they gave just enough to be fitted but not obscene. I love the color and they are on sale for $34.99 in store! Full price online!

 Merino Tippi Sweater in School-of-Fish Print (size XS)
Scout Chino (size 0) in Rouge
The sweater is quite cute - a little reminiscent of that 90's L.L. Bean sweater that everyone had who went to Preppy McPrepperson high school like I did. The scout chinos are comfy and I adore the color but the length sort of bothers me. Good for hoofing around the playground.

Jeweled Medallion Sweater (XS)
 Okay. I found this shocking. This thing was marked down to $39.99 (possibly 34.99 my memory fails me) in store! I think that is quite a deal if you like jeweled sweaters and such. I actually enjoyed the jewels but the shape not so much. It's almost a swing shape and the neckline is a bit too high. Perhaps a size down would help?

 Marled Linen V-Neck Sweater (XS) in Neon Pink? (In store only color?)

I love J Crew's linen summer sweaters. Didn't love the shape on this one at all - sort of a bean bag shape if you will. Plus the thinner material at the shoulder seams was frightening. Looks like that would last through about 1 wash and wear. Some of the other linen sweaters look quite promising however.

Have a return to make tomorrow and will do some more scouting out of the sale section.

What are you buying during this 30% off round?


  1. Aw, the printed denim suits you so well! I actually succumbed to the allure of the gold pineapple tee and herringbone tank swimsuit this weekend- hope they work put!

  2. Something about a big X across the chest reads negative to me. Otherwise, I like the color! :) It's online: item 01492 Crisscross Tee. I'd link but the comment form won't let me paste while on my ipad. The geo print looks great on you. I like some of the printed jeans, but 1980's flashbacks of hs prevent me from considering them.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  3. I like the first pair of geometric pants on you. Hope you can score them on sale.
    Okay, I definitely don't need any more cafe capris or Minnie pants, but that peacock color is too pretty. I might have to consider getting those. Otherwise, I've been staying away from J.Crew and all the sales minus a new purchase of the linen tee with the pineapples on it.

  4. I have hit both my J Crews during over the last two days, but only bought the small cosmetic bag in tresco floral :( On an unintentional shopping hiatus, I guess. Nothing really spoke to me. Have tried on the liberty toothpicks in June's Meadow every time I've been to the store over the last few months. I so want them, but can't imagine where I would wear them this summer (it was 96 degrees here today). If you got them, have you found yourself reaching for them?

    Thanks for the reviews! Love the first tee!

  5. Oh I wish I could look the way your do in those toothpick jeans! ;o)

  6. I like the sweaters in Neon Pink. It can be used for pleasant evening. Looks simple but great work with soft linen. Really good no words to express.

  7. Hey Rach....the geometric jeans are now $79.99 in-store, fyi :)