Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anthropologie Review: Sealife Sweatshirt Dress

Preparing to move is taking over my life. Deciding what color to paint some rooms in our new house is proving to be painful. I knew I was indecisive but who knew what pain paint colors would bring. It's so hard to find just the right tone (cool, warm) and then just the right saturation of color. And I know if I don't get it right it's going to bother me. At least for a while. So tomorrow, I'm off to the pain store to see if they can do something darker than Ballerina Pink for my daughter's room but not as dark as Princess Pink. I step back from it for long enough, I have to laugh. Even my daughter is like, "Mom, just choose for me. I don't care anymore!"

Thought I would pop a quick review of the Sealife Dress up on my blog since there aren't many reviews of it:

Sealife Sweatshirt Dress (size 2) on sale for $49.95

 Ever since this came out, I have been dying to try it on. The print is so charming and anything that includes the words "sweatshirt" and "dress" is a-ok in my book. It is definitely sweatshirt material and is soooo comfortable. I think it runs quite large - there was lots of extra room. The side view is a bit maternity for my taste.

 The back ruffle is a cute little detail but I really don't like the front ruffles. The ones on the shoulder looked like a mistake. Why would I want strangely poofy shoulders?

 The last picture makes it looks pretty cute. Enough so that I sort of waffled on returning it. It is super short - I'm 5'4" and it's almost obscene but sort of okay if you don't plan on doing a lot of bending over. The print is really fun. I'm not so into the whole nautical thing but the shales combined with flowers are really cute and different. I think if it had a few less frilly details, it would actually be cuter. Darn shoulder frills!

Have you tried this on? What do you think?


  1. It's rcute, but it does remind me of a nightgown now that you've sort of planted the idea! With this kind of fabric you could definitely remove any frills you don't like quite easily. I imagine the shoulder ruffles are just applied to the core fabric?

  2. It cute. But not. But then really cute. I didn't think it looked nightgown-ish. I do think the ruffles at the torso aren't needed.