Friday, June 28, 2013

J. Crew Review - Pencil Wrap Skirt

This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone so I hope it goes okay! It did not go okay because I cannot figure out how to add photos! eludes me.
I have been absent because we finally moved into our new house but we do not have Internet or tv or air conditioning for that matter! Nonetheless it is wonderful to finally have some more space and a yard! I should be up and fully running by Friday or Saturday and I have a ton of back logged reviews so get ready!
I am back and have internet and loads and loads of reviews so I will be a busy little blogging bee for at least the next week or so. Unpack a box, post a review, set up our closet, post a review. It's nice to have a break from the monotony of "where do I put this"? To kick things off, here is a quickie review of an adorable little skirt that is lingering in the sale section at J Crew.

Pencil Wrap Skirt (size 0)

This is my normal J Crew skirt size and I felt as though it fit perfectly. It is quite a charming little skirt and feels well made. I wish I had taken some pictures of the inside because the inside mechanics are interesting. There is a zipper and then lots of buttons to complete the wrap. I like this because it felt secure once it was on. The material is a nice weight "matte satin" which feels a bit like taffeta to me. The pleats at the waist lay pretty nicely and I think overall this is a flattering skirt. Very Kate Spade.

I'm trying to show how the skirt looks are you move (of course why you would move your body in a way like the above picture is without explanation :). Because of the stiffer material, it retains its overall shape quite well.

More reviews to come...

What will you pick up during this most recent 30% off promo?


  1. I always wondered what that looks like on! Very nice!

  2. I have this skirt too, but I haven't worn it just yet. It looks very cute on you! I agree that it seems to be nice quality, especially at the sale price.