Monday, February 13, 2012

Old Navy Reviews - Bow-Back Animal Print Top and Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse

I never shop at Old Navy unless it's for my daughter. As I get older, I realize that high quality materials and thoughtful construction are really important for someone my age. But... after seeing some of the adorable new prints, I couldn't resist! Cats? Birds? All they have to do is throw some foxes in there and I'm a goner (see previous post on my obsession with foxes here)

Women's Bow Back Animal Print Top

Front (XS)
 Back (XS)

Front (XS) with bow tied more tightly

Front (S)

Oh the cats. They are so cute. I mean seriously meowing cute. The fabric is polyester but it doesn't feel like cheap, scratchy polyester. It feels more like cheap silk. This shirt is soooo cute but it lays funny over my chest in an unfortunate way. The XS felt good through the body but was super tight on the hips. An online review mentions wearing the top backwards, which might help the poufy pleats thing in the front. The static cling was out of control but nothing some Static Guard couldn't ameliorate.

Women's Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse
 Blue Print (size S)

White (size XS)
The fit of this shirt was much more flattering but I was more aware of the fact that it might look a little cheap. It's super comfortable but the elastic neckline might giveaway that this is not the nicest of fabrics. It's tempting however. I got these at 30% off but might wait for a bigger sale.

Anyone else snag these cute little tops?


  1. Oh, I didn't see the cat one before- tempting! There was a really cute fox blouse at Zara just before Christmas, but my santas didn't get the hint...

    I love the bird print on navy, but I can't stop thinking about how much prettier it could be in silk!

  2. They are cute tops, but I can't wear poly, unfortunately!