Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J. Crew Review - Perfect Shirt in Liberty Art Fabrics Margaret Annie Floral

I think everyone looks forward to the Liberty prints at J Crew each year. They are a nice little reminder of the spring that will come at the end of what is usually a long winter here in the Northeast. I passed on last year's version because the fabric was simply too thin but I couldn't resist checking out this year's.

Perfect Shirt in Liberty Art Fabrics Margaret Annie Floral (size 2)

My usual size 2 felt a little more snug than normal. That being said, the slim fit was really flattering. The cotton is just thick enough to feel substantial and not at all like the super thin material of one of those silk/cotton blends. I did feel like the collar was slightly smaller than normal which I didn't love but I could totally be imagining things. 

You can see from the side that it really nips in at the waist even in the back. I do think it's a slightly more slim cut than other perfect shirts and I love it! 

Oh the colors! So gorgeous. Seriously I want this print in a dress or skirt or something. Lovely lovely. The price tag is too high for me but I will be keeping an eye out for a sale at some point!

Hopes this helps those who are interested in this shirt!


  1. Yes, definitely watch out for a sale. This is stunning on you!

    Wouldn't it be fab if this came in a skirt or dress? That would be beautiful (and probably well above 200 dollars, too, yeep)!

  2. looks great on you, i felt it ran slimmer also and the collar is smaller...haven't decided if I think it is worth the price or not but the colors are fantastic

  3. Cute fabric! A skirt would be nice!

  4. Thanks, Dina. And thanks for all your recent posts on Liberty Art Fabric!

    Simply dreaming - glad to hear it was not just me. I would be tempted to size up in this one

    Rose - I agree, I think a skirt would be super cute. I usually feel more comfortable wearing lots of pattern on my lower half

  5. Beautiful - thanks for the great review. Very helpful to know it is running small. Pretty sure I will size up when I finally take the plunge. Hoping for a promo or coupon soon. A shirt like this you could wear forever!

  6. I love Liberty too. I like the shirt on you, the fit is very nice. FYI, Brooks Brothers has some great Liberty pieces on sale now, and their dresses are lined.