Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talbots Sale Reviews

I'm always intrigued by Talbots because of the high quality, but the fit is usually off for me. The other day I wandered in and they were having an additional 60% off sale - what? Crazy. Unfortunately the two things I really liked were not in stock in my size but it was fun trying on some lovely clothes.

I almost took this home although why I don't know. The print is so vibrant and it feel very 70's party hostess to me. The shape is nice and the sleeves are super fun.

Sequin Georgette Top in Frozen Lake (P4)

This runs a bit large IMO. It comes with it's own built in cami. I think there are too many things going on - if it had just been a georgette top with a cami I probably would have bought it. Definitely needed a size smaller. Nice construction but could have handled it without sequins.

A little transparent but adorable. Had a silver sheen to it.

Sold out online dress (size 2)

Nice thick crepe material. Love the sparkly buttons on the sleeves. Was overall a little too baggy but such a cute idea.

Illusion Crepe Dress (size P4)

I'm dying that they didn't have this dress in a P6. It's adorable! I had them do a store search and it came up as some sort of "Hepburn dress". As you can see, I couldn't even zip it up the side but if I could have - I would have taken it home. Lovely overly at top, thick flattering waistband, good length. One of those LBDs you have forever. Sigh.

So.. no luck for me but lots of goodies to sift through. Anyone else snag some 60% off items?

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