Monday, February 6, 2012

J Crew Reviews - Spring New Arrivals

Popped into La Crew to (sadly) return the Liberty Floral shirt since I knew I couldn't justify the ridiculously high price tag. The spring colors are really nice but I'm noticing a lot of repeats in shape from last spring's collection. Variations on a theme if you will. I'm not really in love with any of the new prints, which is a shame, because no one does a printed pencil skirt like J Crew. Tempted by the pleated number in Ashbury Floral but since it's final sale...

Anyway here we go:

Tippi Sweater in Succulent Green (XXS) and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Gardenshade Floral (size 2)

The pattern of this skirt looks so much more vibrant on the website. In real life it reminded of swamp water (No. 2 Pencil in Swampwater Floral anyone?). Maybe the prints differ from skirt to skirt. The fit is awesome however. A little loose in the waist - but I like that so I can eat, and the fit in the hips/butt was right on. Plus the length is perfect for 5'4" me - just above the knee. I need an XS in the sweater but couldn't find it. LOVE this color. So springy. Good color with the skirt.

Stripe Taffeta Mini (size 2 or 4)

The colors on this are so adorable and I love the taffeta. It's a bit voluminous for my taste. A bit short as well. I don't mind the poufiness from the side but couldn't quite get it to lay right from the front. Adorable but probably not for me.

Unknown dress that is just like Maritime but in different stripe pattern 
Couldn't find this on the website but it fits and looks like a slightly different incarnation of the Maritime Dress. This is an XS. Too short but super cute and comfortable.

This is the XXS - more form-fitting but also shorter. The zippers extend high up in to the dress creating a bit of a bump. Such a comfy little number.

For now I'm passing on spring arrivals, there are no must-haves for me but my store hasn't gotten that much in yet. What are your must-haves?



  1. You are cracking me up with the "swampwater floral", but yes, that's how it reads irl, I was wondering if this is a different skirt. I imagine many will be disappointed when taking it out of the box. Other pieces are citron you but didn't they say they are all about longer hemlines this spring?

  2. The stripe taffeta mini is cute! I know you said it's too short but it sure looks great on you. Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Oh that's my perfect green.
    And I love voluminous because I have no bottom whatsoever!

  4. I always thought swampwater was pretty...and look how great it looks with the vibrant Tippi! Ha!