Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Twill Honeybee Blazer, Upstaged Tee, Orchard Cardigan, Conjuror Maxi Skirt

Some quickie Anthro reviews... The spring collection is lovely but there's nothing I have to have yet.

Twill Honeybee Blazer (size 2)
I love bees - so cute! I think this color/cutesy factor is a bit hard to work at my *ahem* age but it's very sweet. I do love Daughters of the Liberation - their clothes are well made and well tailored. Size 2 is a little snug but I like the trim silhouette.

Orchard House Cardigan  (size S) in coral
This cardigan is very 50's sexy. Maybe too much so. I went back to the store and tried on a M and L and they were all passable. Probably liked the M the best which is 2 sizes up from my normal. Almost bought this to go with my Peppering Skirt but decided I wanted something a little less form-fitting on top.

Upstaged Tee  (size S)
Love the idea of this tee. The draping in the back makes it different. The fit is a little off for me - a bit too boxy and WAY too short. I noticed this with a lot of Anthro's spring tops - lots of cropped things. Not a good look on me. Or many people. Over the age of about 22.

Forget the name of this... size S
I wanted to look at this as another potential to go with the Peppering Skirt. It was a little too much pattern mixing for me but as a shirt on it's own it's very cute. It's not super thick but not see-thru thin either. The boat neck is cute.

Yet another top I forget the name of ... size 2

Not my style but very cute. The size 2 didn't quite lay right.

Conjuror Maxi Skirt (size 4)
The way the markdown was written I thought it was $49.95 and was planning to bring it home! Unfortunately it was not. Both the size 2 and size 4 fit well. The size 4 sat below my waist while the size 2 sat more at my waist. Both are so lovely and the silk is delicious. The wide waistband is incredibly flattering. Will stalk for 2nd cut.

Here's that blouse again in size 4. Not it's falling correctly.

Ostsee Coat by Leifsdottir (size 4)

On sale for $99. Velvet-lined pockets, fantastic wool, silk lining, leather buckles. GORGEOUS. Had to have even though I sort of feel like Trinity from the Matrix. Or whatever female heroine is kick*ss but kind of dark these days (am dating myself already by mentioning The Matrix?)

Can anyone help name the unlabeled pieces? My memory is failing me...


  1. velvet lined pockets? I'm in love with this coat! Great sale find!

    I love the orchard house cardigan and the orange striped top. oh wait...I'm on an orange moratorium. darn.

  2. That's so funny - I'm the opposite - everything I have is blue, green and grey so I'm trying to incorporate some reds and oranges into my wardrobe :)

  3. So glad you have a pic of the honey bee blazer. It's on sale on. Did you recall if you found it tts?