Friday, February 17, 2012

J. Crew - Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral

I've reviewed this dress before but decided to give it another whirl now that it is on sale and 30% off. I love a shift dress and find that I am constantly turning to the one that I own.

Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral (size 2)

It's hard to tell from the photos but the size 2 fits a little oddly. Both sizes I tried on had buttons that were hanging by a thread in the back so I couldn't completely button the dress in the back. There is too much material under the armpits but I wonder if that isn't because of the button problem. It felt a little big in this size but...

Jules Dress in size 0
This one was way too tight! and short! The back was snug and weirdly so were the hips (even though the size 2 was pretty roomy there). I'm actually wondering if this one wasn't mislabeled. It's really a shame because I love the Jules Dress silhouette but it doesn't lay as well in the silk material.

Might have to think about the skirt... darn final sale!

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