Thursday, November 5, 2015

J. Crew Review: Lace Applique Sweater, Striped Suede-Shoulder T-Shirt, Patio Pant in Violet Poppy and Structured Knit Zip Dress

Final sale has gone away and I'm looking forward to trying some things that I wouldn't normally take a chance on. I've been lucky with final sale overall but have made enough mistakes that I'd rather not waste my hard-earned dough. So, as soon as my store gets new arrivals, I usually try to go in and try on while they still have my size. That way I can plan accordingly when final sale comes back. Here are a few recent try-ons:

Lace Applique Sweater (XS)?)
This is very pretty. The sweater is pretty dense which I like - warm and hopefully won't lose its shape during the day. I like the color of the lace - it stands out without being too much. The fit definitely felt a little cropped and a little boxy but not in an unflattering way.
If I had unlimited funds, I would LOVE to invest in this Tory Burch Lace Appique Sweater. It is so beautiful and I love a good winter cream. I
f you're looking for a bit of sexy drama, check out this Diane Von F version. So good and on sale. This one is equally as adorable. I do love the lace thing... in small amounts.

 Striped Suede-Shoulder T-Shirt (XXS)
I accidentally grabbed this in an XXS and would definitely need the XS. J Crew knows how to do tees pretty well and this one is no exception. The shoulder patches are fine design-wise - I could give or take them - but they are soooo soft! Overall cute.

 Patio Pant in Violet Poppy (size 0)
I know a lot of people are gaga for this print. It's just not doing it for me but I do love the colors. Those big white flowers make me feel like I have chicken pox or something. The fit in my usual size 0 was a bit tight. The fabric doesn't give so maybe that's why? I am not a fan of the patio pant - I feel like it makes me look shorter and heavier.
If I were to try the patio pant, I would probably go for the leopard print. Rowr.
I haven't ordered from TopShop yet, but I love their slimmer version of flower pants.

I have been wanting some more printed trousers but prefer them in a fitted shape. If the Martie's would work for me I would get these in a heartbeat. That print is soooo cute! And these collection pants are absolutely gorgeous. I love the subdued print. Can't tell how the fit is but it looks a little slimmer than the patio. If you like a warmer color palette, these collection pants are also gorge. Wish my local store carried this stuff.

 Structured Knit Zip Dress (size 2)
I had tried this dress on a while ago. I do love it - it is so slimming - I'm just not sure I really need it. I certainly don't work in a fancy work place so it would be a going out dress or concert dress. If you haven't tried it on, I highly recommend it! It's like magic in terms of body shaping.

Sales and more sales. Not sure what I want to actually bite on. How about you?

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