Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Loft Review: Lace Tee, Lou & Grey Blouson Dress, Mixup Cardigan and Cloudy Cardigan

More reviews that have been sitting around forever. I had a little love affair with the loft at the end of the summer but I cut if off prematurely :). I sort of feel like I only have the time and energy to shop at a few stores. If I add any more to the list then the whole sale game becomes a full time job. Plus figuring out my sizing, if things stretch out a lot, durability, blah blah blah.

I DO love Lou & Grey. The materials they use are so soft and comfortable. Yummers. I am dying to try their version of the sweaterdress. Looks like something I could live in. Or this Silkwash Shirtdress? Looks so classic and yet laid-back at the same time. I bet their leggings are supersoft and of course their signaturesoft sweater looks way cozy. Zip-pocket joggers have been on my list of things to try and finally, a perfect tee. Now that I've drooled sufficiently over cute casual wear... on to the reviews!

Petite Lace Tee in Whisper White (PXS)
I've been really wanting a lace tee. Great way to dress up a pair of jeans and add a little sex appeal. Overall I liked this tee but didn't love that seam across the top (see pic below). That's hard for a busty gal to pull off. Overall the lace was nice and I really like the hem across the bottom.

Close up of seam and lace. Clearly I would wear a cami. I think if you are smaller busted this will drape better. I've been eyeing this tee at Anthropologie because I like that the whole tee is not lace. Makes it easier to wear. This one from Ann Taylor has a lot of detail and would be more work-appropriate but this one is sexier and comes in navy (my favorite) and is 50% off!

Lou & Grey Blouson Tee Dress (XS)
This dress is so soft - I can't even describe it. I have problems with blouson dresses - I'm never sure how much to "blouson" the top and so it ends up looking a bit awkward. Plus the skirt was a little short for running around town taking care of errands. But so seriously comfortable. And basically flatttering.

 Lou & Grey Blouson Tank Dress (S)
I think this is sold out now but this Lou & Grey dress is very similar and comes in a cute brick red color. I need an XS for sure. Again - the blouson. It just never lays quite right on me. Love the fabric. Stretchy and feels good.

 Lou & Grey Mixup Cardigan (XS)
Eek. A yeti! I love the whole waterfall cardigan idea but in this thick knit it becomes a bit overwhelming on my frame. It is soft and cozy though. Maybe a petite? Maybe just on someone taller. Love the idea. This Lucky Brand sweater has a similar vibe but I like the richness of the colors more.

 Lou & Grey Cloudy Cardigan (XS)
This one was a bit thinner in fabric and so it laid better on my body. Still a bit overwhelming but I wouldn't mind wrapping up in it on a cold winter's day. Loft also carries this Drapey Cardigan which has the same effect but looks way more flattering. Plus it comes in a beautiful burgundy which seems to be the color of the season. This Free People Waterfall Cardigan comes in a lovely light blue and looks light and breezy. And if you want to go luxe, this cashmere cocoon cardigan from Anthropologie looks divine.

Have you shopped Loft lately?


  1. I just bought that lace tee! It's gorgeous in the blush-mauve color, which I didn't expect because I was looking for a white lace top and I'm not huge on pink. I'm very small-busted and 5'2" with a long torso; I preferred the size XS regular to the XSP, for added body length, and I might have tried to size down to XXS regular if it'd been available. Without a larger bust to fill out the top, the shape is very clearly A-line.

  2. I think the t shirt dress looks fantastic on you. IMO, that would be a "must have". Thanks for the reviews!!