Sunday, October 25, 2015

J. Crew Review: Cropped Wide-Leg Trouser in Ikat, Embellished Striped T-Shirt, Placed Stripe T-Shirt

Oops. I've had these pictures forever but am only now getting around to getting them up. I just feel like fall has been whizzing by and I'm always running to catch up with it!

 Cropped Wide-Leg Trouser in Ikat (size 2)
I was drawn to the fabric of these - the colors are beautiful and the cotton fabric feels good on. The fit is tough. Pleats, wide leg, cropped - those are three words that I don't like to hear together :)

Here I am trying to "rock them". I don't know. I think if you are taller and straighter you might have better luck pulling them off? I almost liked them but just couldn't quite make it work. The 10 year old clogs aren't exactly helping things either...
This also comes in an ivory color which looks nice for summer. I think if I'm going to do ikat on the bottom I may have to check out these skinny corduroys or these cute little printed pants from Barneys.

 Embellished-yoke Striped T-Shirt (XS) in ivory navy
Let's face it, J Crew does striped tees pretty well, which is good since they produce a lot of them! I'm not into embellished stuff that much but I was pretty sold on this one. The embellishment is subtle but a nice way to add some interest to another striped shirt. TTS. I love this plain version from J Crew. Looks perfect! And this one on the Outnet is to die for! I know, it's a striped t-shirt but it looks like it would fit perfectly. I'm not familiar with Scotch and Soda but I think this version also looks pretty darn chic.

 Placed-Stripe T-Shirt in Navy Ivory (XS)
Another striped shirt! Quelle surprise! The amount of striped tees in my drawer is sort of embarassing at this point but I woldn't be sad to add this one. The fit was quite nice - slim enough without being clingy. I didn't love the dropped shoulder. Why oh why do they continue to do that? Otherwise cute!
I feel like this tee has a similar vibe but in lighter colors. I think I prefer striped tees with white as the main background color. And of course Boden's short sleeve breton looks like a classic but with .... yes, short sleeves.

Do you have a favorite retailer for a classic breton?

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