Thursday, October 15, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Boyjeans, Lace Shift Dress and Latitude Dress

Ah, Madewell. I have a love/hate relationship with them and recently it has leaned more towards the latter.
I want so badly to be that cool girl with the slouch and the boyfriend shirt and the messy hair but then I realize that is nowhere near my reality :). I do love their look and I think incorporating just a little bit of cool girl slouch can work.

The Slim Boyjean in Hatfield Wash (size 26)
 They have a lot of different washes in this style. Definitely would like to check out the Akiva Wash, and also the Rivet and Thread version in Elmwood Wash. As far as boyjeans go, I think these are pretty good. I am realizing that maybe "boyjeans" are just not meant for the curvier ladies, ie me. These were very comfortable and soft - I think the way they fit in the butt looks more like a traditional jean and that is good for me. No saggy butts please.
I might want to try sizing down as there was still some room in the hips but of course you don't want this style to be too snug or you lose the "boy" effect. These sort of remind me of the Gap Sexy boyfriend which I have never tried but definitely have potential.

 Floral Lace Shift Dress (size 2)
 This was basically cute on but felt a little cheap. I like a little heft to my lace if that makes sense. It has almost a swing shape to it which could work for some. The lace at the bottom helps the length a bit (I'm 5'4") and I love the same effect at the sleeves.
If you're looking for the same idea but for $17.90(!!), just head on over to F21 and check this dress out. I also LOVE the color on this one although it definitely reads spring. This Laundry by Shelli Segal one is almost an exact dupe and I love the navy color. This cream colored one is also super cute. Of course, the J Crew version is lovely and made of a slightly heavier material. I reviewed it previously here.

 Latitude Shirtdress in Alma Plaid (XXS)
 Ugh. I need an XS for sure. Too short, too tight. I love the plaid and I think the lines on this are better than the daywalk shirtdress . Unfortunately, both have pocket problems - I don't know why they can get them to lay flatter or move more to the front. I know it would bother me.
 I love this little popover shirtdress in a very muted fall palette. I'll be honest, I've never shopped at Dillard's, but I love that this shirtdress has a waist and a little flare. Probably better for my body type. If you like Express and a black and white plaid, this would fit the bill. And I'm a little obsessed with this MaxStudio version - love the waist tie and the contrasting cuff color. Finally this shirtdress comes in a bunch of different plaids but I especially love this dark red version. So flattering!

The 40% was too tempting this morning. I ordered the Tartan Mix Scarf in red (yeah because I need another scarf so badly....) and the Indigo Plaid Dress which is now sold out. Might have to try this dress and/or this shirt too.

What do you have your eye on during Madewell's sale?

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