Thursday, October 22, 2015

Madewell Review: Silk Geometric Striped Dress, Silk Faux-Wrap Dress and Oversized Boyshirt in Edina Plaid

Madewell's 40% off continues and so do my reviews. Whoops - didn't quite get these up in time but I still hope they're helpful! I'm surprised by the number of fall goodies already on sale and many on promo so you don't have to risk final sale. I definitely don't recommend the game of chance with Madewell since their sizing can be all over the place. I will probably pick up a few more of these t's since the 2 I own have been in constant rotation. Will also probably get a few of the crewneck non-pocket version since they are a little more work appropriate.

Silk Geometric Striped Dress (size 2)
I like this - I thought it was basically a nice look. The deeper v in the back shows some necessary skin since the front is pretty covered up. I have decided that I am REALLY over elastic waists. It's hard to make everything lay well above and below the elastic and they really don't showcase the waist the way they should. The length was good for me at 5'4" - not too short and not frumpy long. Overall a big like for this one. If I were in NEED of a dress like this, I would be really tempted by this Diane von Furstenberg one. So cute! This one ain't that bad either. This one is more floral and less geometric but I love the print and it's on sale for $49 down from $195! And if you're looking for geometric Diane at a discount, why not head over to the RealReal Consignment and try this one. I've never shopped there but I'm intrigued...

Silk Faux-Wrap Dress (size 2)
I had such high hopes for this dress but the faux-wrap/elastic waist combo made for major pooch. I've found this to be the case with many a Madewell elastic waist dress. The amount of material on top is just too much and makes a little pooch pocket. Or above pooch as the case may be. Anyway, deal breaker for me but maybe if you're taller or less busty it would lay better. It also comes in a printed version with cute little dots and a lovely cabernet color. 

Oversized Boyshirt in Edina Plaid (XXS)
Adorable. Definitely runs big (I sized down and there was still PLENTY of room). It feels good on and the plaid is super cute. I'm trying to quit plaid shirts but this one is tempting. I'm curious about their slim boyshirt - that might be a good compromise between slouchy but not overpowering. I'm also a little obsessed with Denim & Supply plaid shirts - the colors are awesome and the prices not cray cray. Check out this perfect red and blue plaid and this great red and black version.

Skinny Fatigue Pants in British Surplus (size 26)
Hmm... I've been looking for a pair of olive colored skinny pants but these are not them. The rise is a little too high for my taste and the rear view is not good. Why why why do retailers but large flap pockets high on the butt? It makes my ass look deranged and much larger than life. Besides the flaps of doom, these were comfortable and fit TTS. I've really been wanting to buy these but the reviews are iffy. Too much stretching out. Also interested in these but don't want to shell out too much money. Also like these but I'm unsure about the zippers. Too young?

Sorry I missed posting this before the sale ended. Did you scoop up anything with the 40% off?


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  2. Thanks for the post! I placed my first big Madewell order in a while during this promo, and I am very excited about it. I got two of the slub v-neck pocket tee's (dark rosette and bowling green), as well as the marled sage landscape cardigan, the portland striped scarf, the leather-inset ponte dress and the ink adore dress. I haven't gotten the package yet, and don't live near a Madewell store - so I am very interested to see what the fit and quality is like!