Friday, October 9, 2015

Banana Republic Review: Drapey Pant and Camo Sweatshirt

I've had these waiting to go for a while... I've been really loving BR these days. Their pants are fitting me well and their dresses have been flattering as well. Here's a quickie:

Drapey Tie-Front Pant (size 0)
I actually liked these quite a bit. The material feels like suede silk but it's actually lyocell. The little tie is cute. But... the pleats just didn't lay flat enough for me. I vascillate between a size 0 and size 2 at BR so maybe taking a size 2 would help the puffy pleat situation.

 Camo Sweatshirt (XS)
I love camo. I think it can function like a neutral in the "leopard" sense of neutral :). This sweatshirt is seriously cozy and comfy.
I wish the camo were a little more subtle - with less color variations.  I probably don't need any more sweatshirts right now but I like the idea.
Some other seriously cute camo options:

Ok, yes this is from the boys department but isn't it so cute? Love the faded colors.

Oo. Me lovey the navy version of camo. Subdued and slightly dressier.

This is actually a cotton sweater but yes and yes. It is from the men's department but sometimes I love a good man's sweater. Again, love the more faded grey/blue camo.
This is not showing the camo print but it the camo print is adorable. And eco fleece. I don't even know what that is but I think I may need to have it.

And finally... what I really really want are some camo skinny pants. Here are some options:

What do you think of camo? Do you have any favorite pieces?

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  1. Love that BR camo sweatshirt on you! I saw it in store and I didn't have time to try it on; wish I would have now---SO cute on you! I love the neckline--very flattering. I'm so glad that you showed the Drapey Pant. They caught my eye and I have them on my Wishlist to try when I'm finally at a store. I, as well, love BR these days; Marissa Webb's style is fantastic and I love the new pieces that they continue to bring out. I sold my camo pants on Ebay this past winter and now I'm wishing that I hadn'!