Monday, November 16, 2015

J. Crew Review: Sequin Herringbone, Perfect Party Skirt and Windowpane Jacquard Mini

I can't believe I'm already thinking about the holidays and it's not even December. I can't help it though - I LOVE this time of year. We dragged the kiddos to the mall the other day (who am I kidding - they love it) and my toddler was mesmerized by the giant holidays balls and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. My 6 year old chose every single set from the Lego Store and I got a few minutes to go in J Crew. Happy holidays indeed! We don't go to the mall too often - most people around here hate it (I have no idea why - I think it's convenient and awesome) - but my daughter loves it. She said, "I love it here. Everyone just looks so happy". Tee hee. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Martie Pant in Sequin Herringbone (size 2)

I'm usually a size 0 so I would definitely say that these run small. Of course I have also gained about 4-5 pounds recently because of Halloween candy and I think hormones. Baby's nursing less and everything is rebalancing so here we are. Anyhoo, I think as soon as I stop eating crap from 9-11 I'll be just fine. They are very lovely pants and the sequin is subtle enough that I think they could work for day. The length is perfect for me (5'4") and I like that they are not "grabby" anywhere. Felt very classy.

 The Perfect Party Skirt (Size 0)
I'm showing a close-up of the lace because I'm just not loving how it's thrown on there. I find it a bit strange. This also fit a bit snug for a size 0 but I think a size 2 might be too big. I would not call this a party skirt - more of a office party skirt?

 Zip Mini Skirt in Windowpane Jacquard (size 2)

I never gave this a second look online because it just didn't appeal to me. Even in these pictures I find the colors a bit dull. But, in person, the fabric is really gorgeous - so many beautiful colors to pull from. I do often size up in the minis so I think this is TTS. It's a thick fabric and I just felt like it looked a little too stiff on - wasn't as flattering as I wanted it to be. I might try it on again after I kick my bloat pounds :). It's on sale and also comes in this cute dress and these even more adorable pants that I just may have to try.

What have you liked from this most recent rollout?

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