Monday, November 9, 2015

Banana Republic Reviews: Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Trim Ankle Pant and Shirred Gray Knit Dress

I'm telling you, Banana is really doing something right these days. Or maybe my aesthetic has changed, I don't know, but I'm really liking what they're selling. They've been doing this Friends & Family deal where you get 50% of 5 full-priced pieces. I'm such a sale shopper that it's hard for me to even consider this but I find it's a good time to stock up on items that usually don't go on sale there. Last round, I got the Indigo Skinny Ankle Jean and the Medium Wash Skinny Ankle Jean. They are very similar but different enough and I love both of them. Highly recommended. I'm pretty intrigued by the gray and black versions as well.
Anyway, here are a few reviews...

Textured Tunic Tank? (XS)
I'm not actually sure if this is the Textured Tunic Tank but it was the closest I could find. BR has a funny way of letting items disappear off their website. I was drawn to the soft material and the lovely color but the fit is a bit off. Those armholes. Boo. So much bra. If you are ok wearing a camisole, it is a very comfortable little tunic and looks great with the pants I am about to review below for a monochromatic look.

 Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Trim Ankle Pant in Black Rose (size 0)
I love the Sloans. I have them in navy and a textured style that is sold out now. I vary between a size 0 and 2 in them. These 0's felt a bit snug but they also felt like they would stretch out a lot. I loved the little leather trim and the great color. Unfortunately, the leather trim sort of made the pockets stick out a bit so I would be tempted to just sew them shut if I was going to buy these.

 Shirred Gray Knit Dress (XS)
Eek. Feels like a sweatshirt looks like a dress! There should be a jingle for that. This is literally like wrapping myself in a chenille throw and yet I feel pretty sexy in it. Definitely needs some jewelry and booties but yowza - comfy cuteness personified. My regular XS felt very good. Lots of onlines reviews were complaining about the waist being too big and I didn't really find that to be the case. I sort of know what they're saying but I'm glad it's not tight everywhere. I do like to breathe. And eat.
Also comes in a sassy skirt version.

 Shirred Gray Knit Dress (PXS)
Sometimes the petite sizes are better for me but yikes this is too short. And while we're at it, too tight. Still feels awesome though. Also comes in other colors in this form. Looks basically the same but I think the material content is a bit different. Love the blue and mauve-y shades.
Sort of reminds me of the material on a Velvet dress - I found this one that looks similar but is in a beautiful cobalt color.
And look at this other cute look alike that comes in lovely colors and is under $60.
I've never tried ModCloth but I LOVE this tie-dye like version. The tulip hem is so cute! And $20.99.

What do you think of BR's latest?


  1. i tried on the shirred gray dress and love it! It's so comfortable, light and cozy! I wish they made a top with that same fabric. I did feel the dress didn't define well. It make me look straight.

    1. I know what you mean. It would be nicer if the shirring were at the waist to give a little definition. But, yes, the fabric totally won me over. Hope it doesn't pill.

  2. Have and love the shirred gray dress! Did you keep it?

    1. I did although I haven't worn it yet. I've put on some Halloween candy poundage and I'm waiting until I feel a little less puffy to take it for a spin :)